Boat and bike in Scotland: Highland Adventure!

The Scots are said to have a great love of freedom. And whoever travels through Scotland once, suspects how this will could have come into being. As a Scotsman you are used to freedom, especially in the Highlands, where many areas are hardly inhabited. You don't feel cramped anywhere, nowhere unfree: not in the woods, in the rough mountains or the gentle hilly landscapes and certainly not on the coasts.
Scotland is beautiful. And unique: with specialities like the kilt, the bagpipes, the famous Scottish whiskey and the equally famous monster that supposedly lives somewhere in Loch Ness. Scotland fascinates. Get to know this country: perhaps by bike and boat? It would be a very good combination for a fantastic trip. During your holiday, you will be staying on the ship, which moors elsewhere every day. During the day you can travel by bike or . . . just stay on board. Just as you like.
Rückenwind-Reisen has such a trip in its program for you: you drive, dine and spend the night on a two-mast topsail schooner. Sailing is a very romantic way of cruising that you will enjoy. Destinations of this tailwind trip by bike and ship in Scotland are the Highlands, the Inner Hebrides and the Caledonian Canal.
Every day we offer you guided bike tours through beautiful and wide Scottish landscapes, which you will get to know together with a local tour guide in a group. Join us on a fascinating journey, to unique nature experiences in a fascinating country. Are you ready for this? All right, let's sail!