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Another place? Other travel date? No problem.

The past has shown us how quickly rebookings are sometimes necessary: for private reasons or because a holiday in your planned travel destination is not allowed at the date of travel.. Rückenwind Reisen therefore makes rebooking very easy for you with our carefree-package makes rebooking very easy for you. This way you have the highest possible security that you will soon experience attractive travel days on your bike. Whatever happens. Learn more!

Book securely. Just rebook.

Enjoy maximum flexibility with our carefree-package. You want to travel? You will travel.

Our book safely package

We offer you the highest possible flexibility with our carefree-package for a Rückenwind and Eurofun original trip (exception: bike and boat). You can react quickly to any development in the holiday year and change the date or destination. If you have any questions, the competent Rückenwind team will be happy to assist you at any time.

With our carefree-package from Rückenwind and Eurofun trips we guarantee:

  • You can change your planned holiday free of charge and without complications up to four weeks before departure. Just opt for a different destination or holiday region.
  • This offer is valid for Rückenwind and Eurofun original tours (excluding the Bike & Ship tours). The original tours are marked with a seal in the catalogue and on the websites.
  • Are you an early booker? Then, of course, your early booking discount will be retained in the event of a rebooking.

The competent Rückenwind team will be happy to assist you with all questions regarding rebookings and changed travel planning. Just contact us during our office hours. We are happy to help you with your travel planning.

For further questions and details, please contact us at any time with your questions. We are personally available for you within our office hours.

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Question before the trip

We at Rückwind are a perfectly coordinated team, which has always remained available by phone and email even in challenging times for guests and interested parties. This will continue to be the case in the future. No matter working from home or in the community office with all the applicable hygienie rules, we will be at your service during office hours: Mon – Fri from 08:00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m.

Cancellation of your holiday is possible at any time. However, since tour operators already provide various services before the start of the trip, they can demand a cancellation payment in the event of a cancellation. This right granted by law is also part of our general terms and conditions. However, if the performance of the package tour is significantly impaired at the holiday destination or in the immediate vicinity due to unavoidable, extraordinary circumstances, you may cancel the tour free of charge.

In the event of an official travel warning - for example, due to the Corona pandemic - the likelihood of your trip to the region being cancelled is high. You can then have the travel price refunded. Alternatively, rebookings or vouchers are possible.

If you have the right to free cancellation, you can choose whether you opt for a travel price refund or a voucher. You do not have to accept a voucher offered by the organizer.

Rückenwind cooperates with the insurer Hanse Merkur for travel insurance. In principle, we think it makes sense to take out insurance. It applies, for example, if you cannot take a trip for reasons such as illness. But beware: In the event of a crisis in the holiday country, travel cancellation insurance does NOT pay. In the event of such a crisis, take advantage of our all-round security package and rebook your Rückenwind original trip free of charge up to four weeks before departure.

Our team will be happy to assist you: Contact

Our partner Hanse Merkur has developed a Corona supplementary protection.

  • Information on Corona Protection
  • Service Description Corona Protection
  • Insurance Conditions for Travel Insurance

With our carefree package protection package, you can rebook your Rückenwind original trip free of charge up to 4 weeks before arrival. We will be happy to advise you! 

With Rückenwind and Eurofun original trips (except boat and bike), Rückenwind itself acts as the tour operator. You can recognise such a trip by the Rückenwind original label or Eurofun orginal label, which we integrate into the travel information both in the catalogue and on our websites. In addition, you will receive pre-contractual information before booking, from which you can also find out the tour operator. If you have any doubts, just call us at +49 441 485 97 0 - we will be happy to assist you.

All Rückenwind Orignal Tours at a glance

All Eurofun Original Tours at a glance

Since the rules for dealing with the pandemic are constantly changing, we are unable to provide any general information on this page. Information about current regulations and entry conditions of your holiday country can be found on the website of the European Union. In addition, our partner hotels are often good regional contact persons for the respective trip, as the rules sometimes differ in the different regions of a country (Germany: States). Information about your booking can be found here with us!

It’s free. You can change Rückenwind original trips up to four weeks before arrival: to a different date this year or next year. Exceptions are bicycle and boat trips, for which such a rebooking is not possible.

Transferring your trip to another person is possible. For this, the change of booking must be received by the organiser at the latest seven days before the start of the trip. The legal basis is Clause 651e BGB.

No, the deposit remains and is simply assigned to the new trip.

The amount paid is usually credited to your bank account within 14 days. However, we ask for your understanding that this deadline is sometimes extended somewhat due to COVID-19 measures such as working from home. However, we will process any refund as quickly as possible.

On trains, you should generally wear a mouth-nose protection and follow the given distance rules. Please also follow the instructions of the respective transport company.

Please adhere to the "General protective measures". So keep at least 1. 5 meters away from other people. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water at regular intervals. Sneeze into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief, but not into your hand.

In any case, a sufficient number of mouth and nose protection masks should be included in your luggage, which you should also have with you on tours. In addition, we recommend disinfectant and/or disinfectant wipes as luggage. You will not usually need them in hotels, as they will give you other options for disinfection. Elsewhere, however, disinfectant wipes can be very useful.

It's best to get extra familiar with the routes you'll be taking before you travel. Learn more about the restaurants on your route. Due to the pandemic, advance reservations may be necessary. For some sightseeing or city tours you currently have to reserve tickets as well.

Question during the trip

Currently, all cabins of our ships can be occupied. But also on the ships: they must observe the minimum distance and follow the hygiene rules. The well-trained crew will help you to stay on board compliant while enjoying all the comforts of a river cruise. The hygiene concepts developed have proven themselves very well on the journeys by bike and boat in 2020

Whenever possible, we continue to provide our travelers with all relevant information about their journey during a personal meeting on site. In 2020, however, this discussion was temporarily not possible due to hygiene regulations in some countries and regions. As an alternative, there is a video with all the important information.

Please contact us as soon as possible in such a case. Together with you, we will find a good solution taking into account the current situation, the travel arrangement and the itinerary.

Of course, it is possible to break off the trip and return home early at any time. However, we would like to ask you to contact us early and inform us about your plans. Only then can we support you. Whether you are entitled to money for the services you did not use can only be decided on a case-by-case basis. It is therefore also important to inform the tour operator as early as possible about the premature termination of the trip in order to check any claims.

Costs are not covered by the tour operator for COVID-19 tests.

Typical symptoms that point to the Corona virus are fever, dry cough and fatigue that cannot be explained in any other way. If you experience such symptoms, contact the appropriate health authority (e. g. e. g. in Germany a public health department). Discuss with the authority how to proceed. If you suspect corona, please avoid contact with other people as much as possible. If possible, you should quarantine yourself prophylactically.

Our drivers, who transport your luggage, wear mouth and nose protection and use disinfectants and gloves. Everyone knows the important hygiene regulations and abide by them.

Departure times of trains or ships may change for various reasons. Therefore, please always inform yourself about the current times.

Questions from our guests in the hotel or restaurant

All hotels, restaurants and other establishments with which we work have drawn up comprehensive hygiene concepts and distance rules to ensure the protection of their guests. Measures usually include, for example, increased seat spacing in dining rooms

This can be answered quickly and quickly: Yes, it can! Is always individually checked by us and adapted according to the Corona measures.

Of course, the concrete measures always vary a little, depending on the operator of the restaurant or accommodation. However, all of them are guided by the hygiene and safety regulations in force in the respective region. Often, measures include increased seat spacing and breakfast service at the table instead of a breakfast buffet. And, of course, the operators provide disinfectants.

Please contact the respective hotel on site if you have booked half board through us or directly with the hotel. Find out there about the rules to be observed and any reservation times.