Presented: Jennifer and our Ostfriesland Region

My name is Jennifer, but I prefer to be called Jenni. Four years ago my apprenticeship at Rückenwind began. I was very nervous and absolutely not sure if it was the right thing for me. And the first period was also very challenging. Much was expected of me, although the working atmosphere is very relaxed and everyone has an open ear for me I was still unsure. With Rückenwind are some former trainees who even have a leading position today and therefore my expectations of me were already very high. It’s a great team, but joining an existing team also has some challenges. Because they all know each other very well and have a lot of experience in their respective target areas.

After a short time I got my own partner tours. That means I’m booking with friends. This task area is easier at first because there is no logistics, hotel bookings or anything else to do, but nevertheless the target area, the experience and also the advice are important to us. After a short time, I settled in very well and felt up to the task. All sorts of information and activities were available to me. And what was a great relief for me is that my schoolmate Sadaf also started with Rückenwind. After a phone call with Andreas we decided to take over the retraining of Sadi and so I had a new friend who is at my side every day.

In my second year of apprenticeship I got my own tours in East Frisia. To get to know the hotels personally we had the chance to cycle the Fehnroute. A great tour only shortened a bit, because we brought less time than we had planned. Sadi and I have experienced at least part of this holiday. Last year I also had the opportunity to visit almost all partner hotels in East Frisia and get a picture of. Our partner hotels are all friendly and charming. I already knew many by mail and phone but personal contact is still something else.

My apprenticeship has been over for a year now and I am still working on our great tours here in the North. My most popular tour is the trip “East Frisian Impressions. ” I particularly like this trip, as I am often able to give the information meeting for our clients and have the opportunity to get to know our clients personally.

I myself actually prefer to ride by car than by bicycle, but I have already come across many interesting spots from Rückenwind. Meanwhile, I cycle to work every day. I bought an electric bike a few years ago and I enjoy commuting to work.

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