Vera Lambrecht and the IJsselmeer

My name is Vera Lambrecht and I have been with Rückenwind Reisen since August 2019. I really like to book and prepare the trips for our guests. I was just in Austria when I saw the job offer from Rückenwind. Immediately I felt addressed, as I love to travel and ride a bicycle. What could be nicer than exploring the surroundings by bike?

Harbour at the IJsselmeer
Bike Tour Eastern Frisia
Dangast Harbour

I grew up in Bielefeld at the Teutoburg Forest and have often been on a trekking bike or on foot on a discovery tour.

After graduating from high school and graduating as a foreign language correspondent, I moved to Strasbourg to study there. During this time I made many beautiful trips to Alsace and walked through the historical region with the many castle ruins. I tried many of the delicious Alsatian specialities there and cooked them at home.

I have been living in Northern Germany for more than 25 years now and I feel very comfortable here. I like the proximity to the North Sea, the beautiful scenery and the relaxed togetherness very much. Sometimes we spontaneously cycle to Dangast and have a picnic on the beach or eat delicious cakes at the spa house. It’s like a vacation.

In September 2019 I had the opportunity to explore our bike tour on the Ijsselmeer and meet our hotel partners on site. I have been in charge of this trip for almost 2 years now and I am happy about the many positive feedback from our guests. I had fantastic weather and was able to get to know the beautiful nature and many sights. The bike tour around the Ijsselmeer takes you through different provinces and each one has its own special charm.

Two years ago, we were in Madeira and walked along the levadas.

The pristine and beautiful nature impressed me very much. The Botanical Garden was also a great experience. Of course, we then made the sled ride into the valley – a must for Madeira travelers!

Riding a bike is always possible. I feel very comfortable in the team of Rückwind and hope that we still have many nice things ahead of us.