We are Rückenwind

With us, you´ve got Rückenwind (German for "tail wind")
Trust in us - because vacation time is valuable

Bicycle tours are more than a business to us, they are our passion! Maybe that`s why for more than 25 years more and more people have trusted in us to organize their bicycle vacation; they quickly notice the attention to the details in all of our offers. As bikers, we know the easy to ride and yet almost car-free routes and can avoid too steeps ascents. And we ourselves have experienced all the benefits that turn a bicycle tour into a very special event. Bicycle tours offer the opportunity to enjoy the landscape with all your senses, to hear the chirping of the cicadas, to smell the scent of rosemary, to indulge in colours. We know all of the tours offered on this website from our own experience. In short words: with our tours, we would like to offer you what has been offered to us, and many more very special individual impressions. Enjoy romantic castles, splendid cathedrals and cities and solitary villages as well as the treasures of nature, deep forests, olive groves, rugged costal areas and mountain chains. We are convinced that you will find the right offer for yourself in our selection.

Company history

1990           in 1990 Rückenwind Reisen was founded as Private Limited Company

In the year 2002 Dietmar Baumanns took over and has been Managing Director since then.

18 years of constant striving to improve services and to find new and exciting destinations. A challenge, we like to meet for you.


The first time we receive more than 5000 guests booked a bike tour of our company. The work and the improvement of our products benefit.


The bike tour "East Frisian" is the first time in our catalog. The feedback of the tour are really fantastic. The tour starts in Oldenburg with stay in Emden, Norden, Wittmund and Dangast.


The development of our „Original Rückenwind journey“ is great. Every journey in nothern region of Germany are the favorite journey of our guests. The webside was relaunched. We looking forward in a good season.


The number of the guests in France is more than 700. Rückenwind is famour as a special tour operatour in France. The region Provence and Burgundy are really good organised. The guests are really happy about our guides and our tour documents. This year we produced an own barge & bike cataloge.


Andreas Bunge took over and has been Managing Director since then. He has worked in the bike tourism than 2004. The company has 14 employee. We would like to continue the success story "Rückenwind Reisen" together with our guests.


Again we have relaunched our Website. We have also built a number of improvements and features on www.rueckenwind.de


Rückenwind have expanded - this year we build a nice big hall for our bikes. There is a garage for our person who cares about the bikes and a bike wash. There is a lot of space so we have the opportunity to grow even more.


After the former garage is cleaned up and we use the hall - we rebuilt our garage to additional office. This year we celebrate our 25th anniversary. In December 1990 Rückenwind Reisen has been founded.