Bike tour Netherlands

Bike trip Belgium and Netherlands

A lot of fun in a flat country - bicycle trips through the Netherlands

What is making a cycling trip through Netherlands so appealing? And why do all of the tours with boat and bike through Belgium and Netherlands thrill the people. We can give you numerous answer to these questions but we recommend to find it out by yourself. Enjoy the Dutch coast, the flat landscape and the great culture of these countries. There are a lot of reason to explore Netherlands and Belgium.

Cycling holiday in Holland? Up to the IJsselmeer!

Cycle holidays netherlands

The IJsselmeer is a very special lake of the Netherlands. It is seperated from the Ocean only by dike. That is the reason why the region is very well-known for water sports enthusiasts. On our website you will find a lot of bike tours or tour with boat and bike in Holland. Visit the pretty small towns around the IJsselmeer or cycling past the famous wind mills of Kinderdijk.

Bike tour Netherlands

May be you decide to cycling in Holland along the coast, to the beautiful landscape of the north sea beaches or to the wonderful north sea islands. Or you can book a tour which leads to the fascinating large cities such as Rotterdam and Amsterdam, as well as pretty small town like Delft and Gouda. Cycling trips through Netherlands offer picturesque motifs like Kinderdijk windmills, red endless tulip fields and the magnificent royal palaces around The Hague.

Bike tours Netherlands

These are not all reasons to explore the Netherlands. There are a lot more! Book a bike trip and convince yourself! Or you can travel by bike and boat through the Netherlands. Both are beautiful. We offers you both! The boat will take you to many attractive countries and cities like Brussel or Bruges. You will love the combination between sleeping on board and cycling during the day. The largely flat regions of Netherlands and Belgium are ideal for cycling.

Netherlands plus Belgium in double pack

Perhaps you choose two of the three countries of BeNeLux for your next holiday trip. Travel with boat and bike to the Netherlands and Belgium? In Amsterdam you are going on board of the ship and cruise to Dordrecht, one of the oldest cities of Holland. Dordrecht has a beautiful historic old town, as well as Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges in Belgium. The tour end in Bruges, with numerous of places of interests.

And now?

Would you like get to know the Netherlands by bike? Would you like to travel to South Holland by bike and boat? Or North Holland? Or the Netherlands and Belgium together? Then book a trip with a lot of attention of Rückenwind Holidays and look foward to explore a country with best conditions to make your holiday to a pleasure.


Around the IJsselmeer

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
Trading towns, dreamlike harbors and the peaceful sea. Once the Dutch separated the frequently wild Zuidersee with a dam from the North Sea. This is how they have created the IJsselmeer. It is a peaceful water and it's beautiful: a paradise for sailors, kite- and windsurfers, which still appears with the charm of the sea. The mostly flat region is not least a paradise for cyclists. The optional seven or eight-day round trip takes you through national parks with some rare animals and plants, through picturesque fishing villages and cities, which have experienced splendid times as commercial metropolises. Amsterdam is one of your destinations on the longer journey. Here you can see too that special mixture of fascinating culture and the charm of the water that characterizes the landscape around the IJsselmeer. Enjoy best conditions for a fantastic cycling holiday.

Bike tour Flanders

7 Days | Self-guided Tour
Antwerp – Gent – Bruges Be captured by the amiable sides of the little country in the heart of Europe, where roman and German culture intermarried to a most harmonious picture. Discover the open-minded port and home of Rubens Antwerp, walk along the monuments in the old trade-centres Gent, Brugge and the quiet Mechelen. Take in the special flair of the countryside of Flanders and treat yourself with a holiday for body, soul and mind. Cycling along through a lovely countryside, idyllic little villages, quiet river-meadows, channels lined by poplars, light-flooded forests and green meadows with grazing cows and horses.
Netherlands / Belgium

Boat and Bike Amsterdam-Bruges MS Fluvius

8 Days | Guided Tour
By bike & boat from Amsterdam to Bruges During this tour some of the most beautiful cities of Holland and Flanders are highlighted: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges, where you still can feel the charm of the days long gone. After embarkation in Amsterdam you will cross through a beautiful part of the Netherlands. After a short cruise with the ship, you bike along the winding small river Vecht with its impressive mansions and country houses on its banks. You visit a real Dutch cheese farm and the 19 Dutch windmills in Kinderdijk. Via Dordrecht and the fortified town of Willemstad, the ship cruises through the “Delta” Province of Zeeland to Belgium. You will spend the night in Antwerp, the city of Rubens, whose paintings can be admired in the cathedral. You will cycle from Antwerp to Ghent along the beautiful tidal river Lower Schelde. Destination of your tour is Bruges, the “Pearl of Flanders” with its picturesque medieval town centre.

Boat and Bike North Holland MS Serena

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
Holland with bike & barge on the northern route Flat countryside up to the horizon, windmills, canals (Grachten) and bicycles, that are the Netherlands. And there is so much more. Discover the Netherlands in a unique way on an 8-days-journey by bike and boat. Well-built cycle paths as well as wide and extensive waterways guarantee an unforgettable holiday. Throughout the day you are cycling on your own through the beautiful landscapes in Rembrandt’s and Van Gogh’s country and in the late afternoon your floating hotel MS SERENA will be at your disposal. And if you don’t like to cycle every day, you can stay on board and enjoy the passing countryside.