Bike tours Austria

Bike tours Austria

Good times at the river Danube

The river Danube is with a length of about 2.850 kilometres the second largest river of Europe. Only the Volga is a longer. That means not at least: Cycle tours alongside the Danube can take you through many European countries like Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. To get to know the wonderful landscapes and towns at the Danube in the four mentioned countries, we recommend a trip on the Danube cycleway or combined ship- and cycle tours.

With Danube bike tours from Germany to Hungary you will reach three interesting country capitals: the Austrian capital Vienna, Bratislava in Slovakia and the Hungarian capital Budapest. Vienna shines as a former imperial city with caps, cafés, the St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Hundertwasser House and palaces like the Schönbrunn Palace. Bratislava is located at the Danube too and for many people in Western Europe a rather unknown capital. That should change because Bratislava is absolutely worth seeing. Two landmarks are the Preßburg (castle) and the huge SNP bridge across the Danube. Attractive too: The late baroque buildings, which shape the historical district of the town.

If Danube bike tours lead you further to Budapest, you will meet another fascinating capital. Sights are here among others the Gellért Hill with the Citadel, the Castle Hill and the Castle District. This district and the Danube panorama of Budapest are part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1987. 

Bike tours Austria

The landscapes and little Danube towns are interesting too

Beneath the big capitals there are smaller and also worth seeing towns at the river Danube. Among them is Ulm with its famous Minster, Regensburg with its historic district (part of the UNESCO World Heritage), Melk in the Wachau with the famous same-named monastery as well as Esztergom with the Basilica, which is among the biggest churches in Europe.

Danube bike tours are however not only a good idea because of the interesting towns at the river. The nature is attractive too. Beautiful are for example landscapes like that the one at the Schlögener Schlinge (river loop) as well as the Lower Austrian Wachau between Melk and Krems. It is with the name “Wachau Cultural Landscape” part of the UNESCO World Heritage and not at least well known for good wines. In Slovakia and Hungary there are beautiful regions at the river Danube too. Here you can see for example silent pasture landscapes as well as lovely regions like the Hungarian Uplands and the Great Hungarian Plain.

Bike trips in Austria

The culinary side of the Danube

The wines of the Wachau are the proof, that Danube bike tours are a culinary pleasure too. Important grape varieties of the region are Green Veltliner and Riesling. The Wachau is well known for good white wines, some of which have world-class. But certainly Vienna gives you a lot of opportunities to taste local specialities too. Desserts like strudel and pancakes are as well as the famous Viennese Schnitzel typical Viennese food. If you follow the river Danube to Bratislava, you can taste more good food, for example local specialities like spaetzle with poppy-seeds. And if you decide to go on Danube bike tours to Budapest, you maybe taste variations of the famous Hungarian Goulash or venison dishes as well as crumbed meat or fish.

Bike tours Austria

Austria is not only a destination for sporty cyclists. Austria has certainly mountains and almost everywhere you have a view of mountains, in Innsbruck as well as in Salzburg. But our bike tours leads along the river or on roads which are moderate to cycle. If you decide a round trip through the Burgenland or around the lake Neusiedlersee you can expect a holiday with almost good bike paths. The stages are usually flat and easy to cycle. You can also enjoy the mountains without mountain valuation.