Travel insurance

Travel insurance

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ATTENTION: Important notice

The closing date is now within 30 days of travel booking. If there are less than 30 days between the booking of the trip and the start of the trip, the conclusion must take place within 3 working days.

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This is what the additional travel cover offers - benefits at a glance

The special Corona cover is offered as an add-on to our products, which include travel cancellation insurance and holiday guarantee, and thus extends the customer's booked HMR benefits package. The supplementary cover includes cover for cancellation costs prior to the trip and cover for travel costs during the trip in the following cases:

  • In the event of domestic isolation (quarantine) as a result of an official measure (e. g. order) or an order by a justified third party (e. g. order by the authorities). B. Doctor)
  • In the event of refusal of carriage or Entry into the insured rented property by authorized third parties (e. g. e. g. airport staff, rental company) on the day of the outward or Return journey

We designate as at-risk persons:

  • People who have booked a trip together with you. This does not apply if more than 6 people or if more than 2 families book a trip together in the case of family rates.
  • People who live with you in your home.

Deadline for closing ! (this is different from the RRV)

If there are more than 30 days between the start of the trip and the booking of the trip and if you do not take out the insurance within 3 working days of the booking of the trip, insurance coverage is only available for events that occur after the 10th day of the trip The day after the insurance is taken out. If there are less than 30 days between the start of the trip and the booking of the trip, the insurance has to be paid by Workday after the travel booking is completed. This additional protection is about the personal situation. If an entire block of flats, a city or a county is blocked by the authorities, this does not trigger an insurance claim.