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Electric bike tour

Most of our tours are bookable with an e-bike

Our electric bikes are available in many original tours of Rückenwind Reisen. Please note that the number of the bikes are limited. The cyclist is supported while cycling by an electric motor but still you have to enter into the pedals. You can decide by your own if you would like to have the supporting motor or not. Small and large gradients are so much easier to climb. That means cyclists with different conditions can enjoy bike tours together.

Interesting facts and differences

The term pedelec is composed of Pedal Electric Cycle and is a special version of an electric bicycle. The cyclist is supported by an electric drive – but only when he steps. What is the difference between pedelec and e-bike? In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, this is usually used synonymously.

What matters here is not so much the definition as the legal handling. In Germany, a pedelec is legally equivalent to a bicycle if it is equipped with max. 250 watts rated continuous power and pedal assistance up to 25 km/h and start-up and sliding assistance without pedal up to 6 km/h is equipped. There is therefore no obligation to have registration plates, liability insurance, driving licences and helmets. However, if a bicycle is equipped with an electric drive above 25 km/h (S-Pedelec), the legal equality with a moped is valid – therefore you need an operating license and are obliged to have an insurance, license plate and driving license.

The different designations electric bike, Pedelecs as well as S-Pedelecs confuse at the moment still, since it is summarized so far in the large column E-Bike. Nevertheless, there was an announcement in July 2015 regarding the Highway Code. It should make it possible to open up cycle paths for "e-bikes". But also here beware because there is an agreement of the states and the BMVI's that the "design speed limit" is to be taken as a basis. The S-pedelecs can reach a speed of 45 km/h. This has the consequence that these from driving license but above all also a helmet obligation, which for motorcycles over 20 km/h exists

Our electric bicycles (Model: KTM Amparo 8 gear 555 wh rigid fork) are basically pedelecs because the support of the electric drive only takes place when pedaling and thus leads to a support of the drive. The original Panasonic battery is based on 36 V/ 15. 4 Ah – 555 Wh. The maximum speed of assistance is set to 25 km/h, so there is no requirement to drive a driver’s licence or to wear a helmet.

Nevertheless, please always wear a helmet! It’s for your own safety.

You are also welcome to order it via us! In Europe, only Finland, Malta and Spain have legislation covering all age groups. In Austria, Slovenia or the Czech Republic only a helmet is required for children and young people. But as it’s always so nice, there are some exceptions. Follow this link to the German Transport Safety Council and look for which countries expect mandatory cycling helmets.

Rückenwind bike tours

Our electric bikes

Our electric bikes are available in a limited number on many original tours. The rider is unobtrusively supported when cycling by an electric motor, nevertheless you have to step on the pedals and you also exercise yourself physically Small and larger ascents are so much easier to master, cyclists with different conditions can enjoy the bike tour together.

With our latest generation wheels, the engine can be switched on and is almost silent. The tailwind electric bikes of the well-known manufacturers KTM and Velo de Ville are ideally suited for our travels with 36 volt medium motors, powerful batteries for up to 100 km range and Shimano 8-speed secondary gear with reverse brake.

Details about the electric bike

Manufacture          Own production based on Velo de Ville or KTM
Gear Shimano 8-speed Nexus hub gear with reverse brake
Enginge Panasonic or Bosch mid-motor 36 Volt
Battery min. 500 Wh
Fork Aluminium rigid or RST suspension fork
Brakes Shimano V-Brakes front and rear of the Magura HS 11
Saddle Saddle Royal Comfort
Frame Aluminium unisex with central motor
Tyres 28” punc-resistant with car valve
Seat post 27,2 mm patented seat post springs