Bicycle tours through Germany

Bike tours through Germany: Goethe, mountains and the sea

You can see deep forests, heath land as well as harsh and beautiful coasts at the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. You can take a look on picturesque mountains of the Alps and the German uplands, on magnificent buildings like the Dresden Semper Opera, the Cologne Cathedral and Sanssouci Palace and on marks of famous personalities life Goethe, Schiller and Martin Luther. All these things are possible in Germany. Without question, the country is a very multifaceted one. Maybe you are interested to get to know some of these splendid regions of Germany on one of the cycle tours, the company Rückenwind Reisen offers you? 

Experience romantic castles at rivers like the Elbe and the Rhine. Choose bike tours through metropolises like Berlin and Hamburg or follow the marks of famous people from the European history. One or another cycle route through Germany becomes for you as a cyclist a culinary pleasure too, because you can get superb wines and some delicious specialities in many regions.

There is really an incredible number of things to discover in Germany. We invite you cordially to stay a bit more on this website and to read a bit more about exciting cycle tours in Germany. We give you some information here about the islands and coasts of Germany, about wealthy cultural landscapes at the rivers, about the pulsating Berlin, the cosmopolitan Potsdam and more German towns. Your are interested? And you are ready? So let's start!

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Bike tours Germany

bike trips through romantic landscapes

Big parts of Germany consist of beautiful upland landscapes and unique open spaces like the Erzgebirge, the Weser Hills and Lusatia. Many of these regions are not only attractive because of their flora and fauna, but also because of a very special culture and architecture. In Lusatia the 23 lakes of the biggest artificial waterscape in Europe are a highlight of the region. Furthermore you experience the culture of the Sorbs, one of the minorities in Germany.

In the Erzgebirge you can use more than 600 kilometres cycleways for your bike tours and you will dip into a long-standing culture, where the traditional production of Christmas decoration and toys is still alive. And in the Weser region you will see not only wonderful forests, but also the typical architecture of the Weser Renaissance in romantic villages and towns with a lot of half-timbered houses.  

An extraordinary bizarre and impressive rock region in Germany is Saxon Switzerland with its rock needles, table mountains and gorges. You want more impressive landscapes? No problem. Not too far away from Berlin the Spree Forest is located. It is a fascinating region traversed by many streams, where you still can reach some farmhouses best by a boat. The Spree Forest is a special German landscape too, you can get to know on bicycle tours through Germany. It is one of many special German landscapes. Explore them.

Bike tours Germany

And the Sea attracts you forever

In the north Germany borders on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Seaside resorts like the North Sea resort Dangast give you ample opportunities for lazing around at the beach and bathing in the sea. In harbour towns like Stralsund and Cuxhaven you can enjoy the view onto fishing cutters and bigger ships at the wharfs and in Bremerhaven, the German town with one of the biggest European seaports, you will see a lot of ocean liners more.

The landscapes at the sea are often rough and not least because of that beautiful. They promise freedom in wide open spaces and they all cultivate their own traditions. Eastern Friesland has for example a special tea culture and strange sports like Boßeln. Try it. It's fun. Bike tours in the north of Germany can take you to islands like Borkum and Norderney too. Just use the ferries to reach them. The islands show you a partly unspoiled nature and a special island life characterized by the omnipresent sea. German islands too create their own special worlds.

A fascinating duo: Berlin and Potsdam

Among the great nature and the cultural regions around the German rivers the big towns are a good reason to go for bike tours in Germany. The biggest German town and at the same time one of the most fascinating ones in the country is Berlin. The German capital went through a rapid development with a lot of construction projects after the German reunification and this process hasn't finished yet. 

A lot of the new Berlin you can see at the Potsdam Square with its modern buildings like the Sony Center and the Theatre at the Potsdam Square. And you can see it in the government district with the Reichstag building, which was refurbished during the 90th and which is the place of the German Bundestag. At the same time you can spot impressive marks of the old Prussia in Berlin, for example the Brandenburg Gate.

The history of the German division is still visible here too, for example because of the so-called East Side Gallery, a part of the former Berlin Wall, which was painted by artists Not at least is Berlin a green town, where cycle tours can lead you to the Wannsee Lake with its bathing beach, to the banks of the river Spree or into the Grunewald forest.

If you choose a bike journey in Berlin and the surrounding Federal State Brandenburg, you should reach Potsdam (capital of Brandenburg) on one of your bike tours. Potsdam has proven very early cosmopolitanism with its Russian Colony and the Dutch Quarter and it is the place of a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage. The Palaces and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin include among the already mentioned Russian Colony and many other great facilities and parks the famous Sanssouci Palace. Berlin and Potsdam are a good combination for bike tours in Germany. Maybe a combination you prefer?

More fascinating German towns

Certainly not only Berlin and Potsdam are German towns being worth to visit. There are a lot more and every town has its own character. Maybe bicycle tours through Germany take you to Hamburg, Munich or Cologne with the famous Cologne Cathedral? In the biggest German towns outstanding museums like the Alte and the Neue Pinakothek as well as the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich or the Hamburg Art Gallery await you. Enjoy a wealthy culture.

Many smaller towns in Germany are attractive too: We already spoke about Heidelberg and Mainz, also about towns at the Elbe like Dresden. There are dozens more and all of them are interesting towns, you can visit on one of many possible bicycle tours in Germany. How about a journey alongside the North Sea-Baltic Sea Canal from Bremen to Kiel? Maybe you would like to visit Würzburg with its Residence, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1981? Or you follow the trails of the hanse not only into big hanse towns like Hamburg, but into the smaller and likewise interesting ones like Stade too.

Wonderful Bavaria

Deep in the south of Germany you have ample opportunity for beautiful cycle tours too. The federal states of Germany Bavaria and Baden Wuerttemberg await you here. A cycle route in the south of Germany can take you for example to the Lake Starnberg and the churches and monasteries of Bavaria or around the Bavarian Lake Chiemsee. Lake Constance, which is partly located in South Germany too, gives you the chance for further eventful bicycle tours. Enjoy in front of a marvellous Alps backdrop an almost Mediterranean climate, tours through extended vineyards and orchards and picturesque villages.

German wine-growing destricts

And if there would be no other reason to visit Germany for some bike tours, there would be the great German wine, which draws you into the German wine villages. 13 wine-growing districts exist in Germany: from Franconia to Saxony. Maybe you taste a Riesling from the Moselle region or from one of the wine villages on the Palatinate Wine Route? Or you allow yourself to be convinced that even in the deep north-east of Germany grapes for excellent wines grow.

Good wine goes together with good food. So you maybe get at the Moselle a Riesling and a Rivaner together with a delicious trout fillet, a Riesling pasty or a beef roll. In palatinate stuffed pig's stomach and tartes flambée, originated from the from the Alsace, are parts of the cuisine and in the Saxon capital Dresden you can taste for example the Dresden Eierschecke as a delicious dessert. Outside the wine regions Germany offers delicious food too. Taste pork roast, veal sausage, sauerbraten as wall as all sorts of fish at the rivers and the sea, but also vegetarian enjoyments like asparagus and cabbage dishes. You can get solid meals as well as fine cuisine.

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Cultural landscapes at the river

Big rivers like Elbe, Rhine and Danube run through parts of Germany. At their banks big and worth seeing towns were as well built as mighty castles and fortresses. In Germany too especially the surroundings of big rivers came to be important culture regions. To get to know them we recommend bike tours on cycleways like the Elbe or the Danube cycleway. 

Bicycle tours at the Elbe lead you for example through fascinating towns like Dresden, which is called Florence on the Elbe, Meissen, Wittenberg, Hamburg and Cuxhaven. At the Elbe you will see products of great craftsmanship like the Meissen porcelain and famous Dresden buildings like the Semper Opera, the Zwinger Palace and the castle Pillnitz. Maybe you will visit on one of the bike tours the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Maybe you follow the marks of the Reformation in Wittenberg and Torgau or you will reach the metropolis Hamburg, which is called “gate to the world” because of its large harbour area at the Elbe.  



Among the Elbe the Danube and the Rhine can please visitors in Germany too. Here you maybe choose cycle or combined ship and cycle tours. Bicycle tours on the Danube cycleway lead you for example to Sigmaringen with its Hohenzollern castle, to the famous Ulm Minster and to the city of three rivers Passau.

Bike tours at the Rhine are very good combineable with tours at the Neckar and the Moselle. Here you cycle for example through the famous town Heidelberg as well as through romantic and tradition-rich Rhine towns like Mainz, Rüdesheim and Koblenz.

The banks of smaller rivers like the Weser are suited for splendid bicycle tours too. Tours on the Weser cycleway take you for example to places, which are closely linked with the world of German legends and fairy tales. You can reach Hameln, where the famous rat catcher mad trouble, or Bodenwerder, which is known as the former dwelling place of the Baron of the Lies Münchhausen.

Town, landscapes, river: Germany has the right mixture

Do you know, what is the best of all? For cycle tours in Germany you have not necessarily to decide, whether you prefer to get to know German towns or nature in the numerous fascinating landscapes. You can experience both in one cycle tour. And as on every cycle tour cycling gives you in Germany too the chance to get to know the holiday country much better than on other holidays. So take your chance for a wonderful bike journey.


Rückenwind Reisen offers you different kinds of cycle tours through Germany. Maybe you take a look if we have an interesting journey for you too? We would be pleased to welcome you on one of our bicycle tours one day.