Bike tours Italy

Bike tours Italy

Bike trips to Dolce Vita

Whoever says Italy means pleasure and pleasure again and again... Italy - land of love, of good food, good wine and wonderful towns. To know the true promise of bike trips - you have to cycle in Italy!

Bike trips in Italy

Italy: Bozen-Venetien and the Lake Garda
Bike Holidays Italy

Italy has certainly dreamlike regions too, which are perfect for cycle tours. That applies to the north of Italy with regions like South Tirol and Venetia, to the Abruzzi and Latium in the middle and to regions like Apulia, Calabria and Sicily in the south of Italy. For this website about cycle tours in Europe we have picked out tours in North Italy. One of them – a very beautiful one – leads you from Bozen in South Tirol via the regions at the Garda Lake to Venice. Other tours focus more on the Lake Garda, for example the Lake Garda “Centre Tour”.

Bozen, the capital of South Tirol, is surrounded on three sides by high mountains, so that you have again and again a good view on beautiful mountain tops. The capital of South Tirol convinces travellers with a Mediterranean climate, a good wine, sacred buildings like the cathedral “Maria Himmelfahrt” and Palaces like Maretsch and Sigmundskron. From Bozen „Bozen-Venetien“ bike tours lead you through North Italian towns like Verona with the famous arena, Vicenza and Padua with their numerous sights to Venice, perhaps the most famous town in North Italy. Here you maybe visit the St. Mark's Square, the St. Mark's Cathedral and the Doge's Palace. Enjoy a gondola ride on the Grand Canal with the famous Rialto Bridge. Equally famous and fascinating is the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. No doubt: Venice is beautiful. It is mysterious, not only during carnival. Venice is unique. And always worth a visit.

Cycling trips in Italy

Bathing, good food and a lot of pleasure at the Lake Garda

The Lake Garda is the biggest lake in Italy. At some of the lakefronts you can see 2000 or more metres high mountains. Here and there grapes for top wines grow in the proximity of the lake. A bicycle tour at the Lake Garda can be an excellent swimming holiday, because there are very good beaches. You will see boat hires, can take ferry links on the lake, use surf an sailing schools. There are some beautiful amusement parks like Gardaland and the Movieland Studios at the Lake Garda too.   

You cannot only get to know the Lake Garda on bike tours from Bozen to Venetia. Maybe you prefer a tour at the Lake Garda, where you always gets back to the Lake and which leads you for example to Trient, Verona and Mantua? Or you start a bicycle tour from the bottom of the Dolomite Alps via Brixen and Bozen to the Garda Lake. Other bike tours lead you from Innsbruck to the Lake Garda or from Meran via the Lake Garda to Verona. Beautiful are all of these journeys. We can promise that. And we do. Here and now.

Bike tours Italy

Welcome to Tuscany

People who like Italy will love the Tuscany. Olive groves, rolling hills, vineyards from the landscape and a lot of true cultural highlights: cities like Florence which is in the Tuscany has a lot of places of interests.

Bike tours Tuscany

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