Cycle Holidays

Distance tours

Most of the distance bike tours leads along popular rivers

The best-known cycling routes are probably the danube bike path, the elbe cycle path and the weser bike path. All of these classic bike paths are in our programm and a lot of other great cycling trails.

Distance tours are often very nice bike path which leads along different rivers. For years the elbe cycle path is one of the most popular cycling route in Germany. You can start in Prague cycling along the Vlatava river and later you follow the elbe cycle path till the mouth in Cuxhaven.

Or the well-known danube bike path - the infrastructure, the beautiful regions with vineyards, beer gardens and the permanent accompanied river offers everything for a greatful bike trip.

Germany / Czech Republic

From Prague to Dresden

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
The impressive city Prague is the start of you journey through history and a lot of woth seeing sights. Dresden is the end of this beautiful tour: the Zwinger Palace, Semperoper (Opera house) and the Frauenkirche (church of ladys) wait for you. Between this two cities you cycle along the rivers Moldau and Elbe, visit a lot of picturesque villages and cross romantic landscapes. Enjoy the panoramic view from the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. This landscape is really impressive. May be you like the way between Prague and Dresden more than the cities by themselves.

Danube bike path

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
The classic tour from Passau to Vienna. Explore the paths along the blue Danube River just like the Romans, the legendary Nibelungs, and even some of Europe’s powerful kings and emperors did before you. You will get to know the beauty and historical significance of this ancient military and trading route. Never far away from the cool, clear water of the Danube, you will enjoy one of Europe’s most beautiful and popular cycle routes. You can either start your trip in the baroque town of Schärding or Passau, the town of three rivers. You will cycle through various districts of Upper and Lower Austria and finally to the Danube metropolis of Vienna. You will love the breathtaking natural beauty of the Danube valley and the Schlögen bend or perhaps you will fall in love with the landscapes along the Danube river such as the Machland, the Strudengau, or the famous Wachau. In the rural areas, to accompany these wonderful impressions, you can enjoy many traditional Austrian delicacies. Your physical wellbeing will be well catered for, from savoury dumpling specialities and moreish must all the way to the wines of the Buschenschenken taverns in the Wachau region.  This cycle tour is a true classic and is ideally suited as a first cycling holiday with the whole family.