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Distance tours

Most of the distance bike tours leads along popular rivers

The best-known cycling routes are probably the danube bike path, the elbe cycle path and the weser bike path. All of these classic bike paths are in our programm and a lot of other great cycling trails.

Distance tours are often very nice bike path which leads along different rivers. For years the elbe cycle path is one of the most popular cycling route in Germany. You can start in Prague cycling along the Vlatava river and later you follow the elbe cycle path till the mouth in Cuxhaven.

Or the well-known danube bike path - the infrastructure, the beautiful regions with vineyards, beer gardens and the permanent accompanied river offers everything for a greatful bike trip.

Each individual bike trip is unique. And nice.

Every cycling holiday with Rückenwind offers you a fascinating mix of interesting villages and towns, grandiose buildings and beautiful landscapes. But each one sets its priorities a little differently. For some, nature experiences predominate: by the sea, in the Alps and in the mountains. Bike paths lead you along coasts with rough charm or inviting beaches, through rustic forests, past lush plantations and vineyards, through moorland and heathland.



For others, it is above all buildings such as castles, monasteries, towns and other testimonies to outstanding culture that set attractive accents. Still other bike tours offer a particularly balanced mix of nature and culture. Last but not least, there are some variants of cycling holidays where culinary delights are more important than the other trips. Regions such as Baden and Piedmont invite you to enjoy special culinary highlights

Great buildings and fascinating cities

Big Ben, the Brandenburg Gate and the Dresden Zwinger, the Pope's Palace in Avignon, St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna and the Colosseum in Rome: this is only a small number of famous buildings to which Rückenwind route tours will take you. Great cathedrals are included as well as romantic castles, but also technical masterpieces such as the canals of Venice and the Eiffel Tower in Paris as well as architectural ensembles such as the Old Town of Vilnius, the Rome of the East, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



People have created great things in the course of history: cycle tours by Rückenwind take you to the most important testimonies of their work, to outstanding works of art such as the Bayeux Tapestry and to monuments of history such as traces of the former German division along the Berlin Wall Trail. And sometimes large and traditional European metropolises form the start and finish of a Rückenwind route tour. Learn with our cycling holidays many significant

From Paris to London

This cycling holiday connects two of the most famous European metropolises with each other. Discover fascinating sacred and secular architecture such as Buckingham Palace, Sacré-Cœur and Notre Dame, as well as the vibrant life of the two major cities. But the journey from metropolis to metropolis is also worthwhile, taking you through beautiful Normandy and the seaside resort of Brighton.

From Vienna to Budapest

On this bike tour you follow the Danube and the Danube Cycle Path from Vienna via Bratislava to Budapest in Hungary and experience three very beautiful capitals. Vienna’s Hundred Water House, Bratislava Castle and Budapest’s Danube Panorama, which together with the Buda Castle Quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are some of the sights on this trip.

Biketravel Florence-Rome

From Florence to Rome

Our bike tour from Florence to Rome takes you to an indescribable wealth of art treasures. Florence is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And Rome’s ancient buildings still testify to the time when the city was almost unrivalled as a centre of human culture. The path that connects the two cities takes you through places like Arezzo, Assisi and Perugia, all of which demonstrate impressively how much beauty and art people can create.

All these metropolises are fascinating. But it's not just them, it's not just world-famous buildings and testimonies to history that make Rückenwind Cycle Tours rich in cultural treasures. Many a gem in smaller towns and villages can be equally impressive: pretty little village churches, half-timbered town centres and town halls in the style of the Weser Renaissance. Not everything that is beautiful and interesting is also world famous. And sometimes it's the insider tips that are the highlight of the day.

Germany / Czech Republic

From Prague to Dresden

8 Days | Self-guided tour
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Germany / Austria

Danube bike path

8 Days | Self-guided tour
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Mountains, sea and more: the diversity of beautiful landscapes. All Rückenwind cycling tours are not only interesting because of the numerous cultural testimonies that you will get to know on your cycling holiday, but also because of the wonderful natural landscapes through which your paths will lead you. Those who love mountainous regions will find suitable route tours just as much as those who are fascinated by heath, coast and sea. Some of our travel offers are particularly suitable for enjoying natural landscapes. Maybe you will get to know the beaches and wide landscapes of southern Sweden on your Rückenwind cycling holiday or:

  • the north German landscape between Münster and Emden, which is crossed by the Ems cycle path and is characterised by forests, moors and river meadows,
  • the beautiful Salzburger Land and the South-Styrian spa landscape,
  • the Etruscan Coast in Tuscany, rich in colors and fragrances,
  • picturesque peaks and Bavarian customs at Chiemsee and Königssee?


There are many more regions characterized by beautiful nature for a nice holiday by bike. Enjoy a relaxing break away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Poland's Baltic Sea coast and Pomerania

Poland's Baltic Sea coast presents itself to you not only with culturally outstanding places such as the Hanseatic city of Gdansk, but also with natural wonders such as the shifting sand dunes of Łeba as well as beautiful coastal forests, sandy beaches and landscapes that are still largely untouched by man

Mallorca’s East Coast

On this bike trip along the east coast of Mallorca you will travel far away from the party miles and get to know a dreamy, picturesque island. Small sandy bays invite you to take a spontaneous swim in the sea. Olive groves, almond trees, windmills and small villages characterize rural Mallorca, which will enchant you.

Easy to moderate

Baltic coast and Pommerania

8 Days | Self-guided tour
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Mallorca with Charm

8 Days | Self-guided tour
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Good wine, good beer and delicious food

Rückenwind cycling trips often offer a good opportunity to get to know excellent wines as well as the regional cuisine of a region and its food and drink culture. In Great Britain, pubs, in Vienna, café houses, are the embodiment of this culture. Taste freshly caught shrimps or fish specialities on a cycling trip on the North Baltic Sea Canal. Try oysters, mussels and dishes such as cassoulet (bean stew with sausages and bacon) on a cycling holiday on the French Canal du Midi. Each Rückenwind bike tour offers the opportunity to combine a cycling holiday with culinary highlights. However, some offer this combination to a particular extent. We wish you a good appetite in advance.

Along the young Danube

Cycling trips on the Danube Cycle Path and the tour from Passau to Vienna present you with a fascinating conglomerate of impressive architecture and culture as well as beautiful natural spectacles. In combination with granite rock, the Danube created the Schlögen loop in this holiday region, in which the river changes its direction by 180 degrees. The scenery is beautiful and winegrowing characterizes parts of the region as much as the river.

Bike Tour Mosel

Deluxe bike tour from Trier to Koblenz

Like all Deluxe Cycle Tours by Rückenwind holidays, the Deluxe Cycle Tour from Trier to Koblenz will spoil you with particularly comfortable accommodation. However, we have also placed a lot of emphasis on excellent restaurants, because the Moselle region is very rich in excellent wines and good food. Try wines such as the Mosel Riesling or a Spätburgunder and try specialities such as Döbbekuchen (potato cake) and Sauerbraten.

On the way along Europe's great rivers Many European metropolises were built along great rivers. Mighty castles guard their shores. River regions inspired master builders, attracted people like magnets and still shape the landscapes they flow through today. This is why cycle paths such as the Danube Cycle Path and the Elbe Cycle Path are so popular. But also cycle paths along the somewhat smaller rivers, such as the Weser cycle path, lead you to numerous sights of culture and nature. Follow Europe's rivers from highlight to highlight.

The Weser Cycle Route

Compared to the Elbe and Danube, the Weser is a small river. Nevertheless, cycling holidays on the Weser Cycle Route are among the most popular in Germany and there are several reasons for this. Many half-timbered houses and evidence of the Weser Renaissance give the towns along the river a romantic flair. Many fairy tales and legends developed along the Weser. Hamelin with the Pied Piper and Bodenwerder with the Liar Baron Münchhausen, for example, bear witness to this. With forests, meadows, and floodplains.

Elbe Cycle Route

The Elbe Cycle Path connects historic cities such as Dresden, Wittenberg and Weimar and leads northwards to Hamburg and Cuxhaven. Experience Prussia’s splendour and Saxony’s glory on your tours, which will take you to traces of the Reformation and Baroque splendour buildings, the maritime flair of coastal towns on the North Sea and the bizarre rock worlds in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Maybe you combine a bike trip on the Elbe cycle path with one on the Vltava and drive from Prague to Dresden?

Danube Cycle Route

A classic cycling trip on the Danube cycle path takes you from Passau to Vienna and connects the relatively small but very charming German triple city with the large Viennese metropolis. Along the way, you will find beautiful places such as Krems and Melk with the pen that is enthroned above the Danube, as well as large wine-growing regions and natural spectacles such as the Schlögen Schlinge. However, the route from Passau to Vienna is not the only one on the Danube Cycle Trail that you can get to know on a Rückenwind cycling holiday: maybe you will go from Vienna to Bratislava and Budapest or to Salzburg? The Danube also knows how to enjoy these tours.