Bike tour Switzerland

Bike tours Switzerland

Switzerland - the Veloland

Switzerland that might suggest the Alps but contrary to what you suggest the routes are relatively flat - even less experienced cyclists can enjoy a bike tour in Switzerland and with an e-bike it does not really matter. One of the best-known tours by bike through the Alps is the bike tour along the river Aare. The river has done a lot of work so that the cyclists expect only a few gradients.

bike tour Switzerland

But this does not mean that the mountains of Switzerland remain hidden from you. On the route from Interlaken to Thun you can see the snow-capped peaks and the clear lakes. They are almost like small seas, such as the Swiss part of Lake Constance or Lake Geneva as the largest French-Swiss lake.

On the Rhone bike path through Switzerland, you will travel along Lake Geneva, before you reach the city of Geneva. This city shows the other Switzerland - the banks and congresses.

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