Cycling holidays in Scandinavia

Deep in the North, luck awaits you

Why a cycling holiday in Scandinavia is worthwhile? Because Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland are at the top of the rankings of the happiest people in the world. On a bike trip through Scandinavia you will certainly not know all the reasons for this. But some of them. And very good ones that make it an unforgettable cycling trip.

Come with me. Let me convince you.

Rückenwind Reisen presents you offers for a fantastic cycling holiday in Scandinavia. We have been organising cycling trips and trips by bike & boat in many countries for more than 30 years. And in all our travel offers you can feel the attention to detail and the passion that distinguishes us as a tour operator.

Biking trips to Scandinavia

Northern cycling paradise – the Scandinavian countries

The diversity of Scandinavia is simply astonishing - whether Denmark or Sweden – both countries are beautiful: the flat cycling country Denmark and the densely forested Sweden.

Why is Scandinavia so attractive? We’ll tell you.

Cycling through Denmark or Sweden will take you to cities and capitals full of culture and zest for life, which seem as charming but less restless as other metropolises.

You will drive through picturesque places that blend perfectly into the surrounding beautiful scenery. And on a bike tour through Scandinavia, you will experience regions that are mainly characterised by nature, because the population density of Denmark is lower and that of Sweden is much lower than that of Germany, for example.

Scandinavia also surprises with its many facets. Your cycling holiday in Sweden will take you through deep forests, landscapes with meadows and fields, with rough coastlines, fine sandy beaches and beautiful lakes, which prove: Northern Europe is also attractive for swimming in summer – even for those who prefer warm water instead.