Bike tours Sweden

The picturesque coast of Sweden - Kattegat

The first national tourist cycle route has been running along the west coast of Kattegatleden, since 2015. The bike path connects the cities Helsingborg and Gothenburg. Most of the route leads onto bike path without traffic and takes you over Ängelholm, Halmstadt, Falkenberg, Varberg and Kungsbacka to Gothenburg. On this bike route you will experience the diversity of Schweden coast: sand beaches, dunes, cliffs and picturesque small towns. The cycle track is well singposted and leads along the coast.

Cycling trip Sweden

Nothern cycling paradise - the Scandinavian countries

The variety of Scandinavia is amazing - whether Denmark, Sweden or Norway, each of these countries are beautiful. The cycling country Denmark, the swarmed Sweden or Norway covered with fjords.