Luggage transfer - Our service for all aspects of luggage

Not only our guests can feel in good hands with us. Your luggage is also taken care of excellently. Thanks to our included luggage transport you can enjoy your bike trip carefree.

You are allowed to take as many pieces of luggage on our original tailwind trips as you wish. However, we ask you – think of our drivers! Limit the weight per suitcase to a maximum of 20 kilos!

“Life is a journey. Don’t take too much luggage” (Billy Idol)

The trend is clearly towards less is more. We want to take this to heart as often as possible! On our trips you book the luxury of experiencing the daily cycle routes with light luggage. So you can pedal the day with excitement while your suitcases are waiting for you at the next hotel. How to do that, you can find out here!

We take care of the logistics for you!

In the morning, you can leave your travel bags at the hotel’s reception and cycle in a relaxed way with your daily equipment. Instead of being fully packed, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery with many unforgettable impressions. We’ll take care of everything else!

Our Service "Luggage transfer from hotel to hotel"!

  • Number and weight Luggage: You can take as many pieces of luggage as you want on our tailwind original trips. However, it is important to provide each piece of luggage with a luggage tag and to limit the weight of the luggage to a maximum of 20 kilograms. Please note this important detail, for the health of our drivers. On some partner tours, the number of pieces of luggage may be limited to one or two per person. You can find this information in the documents or ask us when booking!
    Information discussion: Exceptions confirm the rule! The ferry to Langeoog only allows 1 piece of luggage so please read your travel documents carefully. On our tailwind original trips we offer an information meeting. You will also receive such important information! Here you can find in advance our digital information conversation. . .
  • Daily service: Whether on weekdays or weekends your luggage is transported by our tailwind team and is ready for you in the evening. Our service hotline is available from Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 19:00. When and where your travel bags will be provided, please refer to the travel documents.
    Liability: As your suitcases and travel bags are loaded several times per day, the material is also claimed. We always work carefully, please, but you should choose your suitcases wisely. Based on the Frankfurt table, we assume minor damages caused by us. Therefore, we always recommend additional luggage insurance. Important luggage such as means of payment, car keys are also excluded from liability. You should always carry these things with you. Further information can be found in our term and conditions.