Rückenwind Reisen GmbH was established in 1990.
Mr. Dietmar Baumanns is the company`s chief executive officer since 2002. Since 2011 is Andreas Bunge Chief executive of Rückenwind Reisen.

Our guests have no age limit. 20 years old travellers enjoy our tours just as much as those 70 years of age. Depending on the tour, you will meet singles, couples, groups of friends and families. Our guest represent a wide variety of interests and occupations and share their love for bike holidays. A third of our guests are regular guests, another third was recommended by friends.

Our daily routes range between 35 and 65 kilometers, depending on topography and local characteristics. The distances of the daily routes are stated in the tour descriptions.

The requirements for our bicycle tours depend on the region, topography and local characteristics. The distances of the daily routes are stated in the tour descriptions. A description of characteristics at the bottom of each tour description points out the particularities to facilitate your choice. A regular fitness and willingness for small efforts every now and then and to stay in a good mood even in spite of a sudden rain shower are certainly good prerequisites to have fun while travelling by bike.

Starting together - arriving together while everybody sets his or her own pace - how does that work? Our tour guides mostly ride in the rear third of the group. They only take the lead in more complicated sections. If anybody likes to ride ahead, they wait at arranged meeting points. We don\'t ride in a bulk, but we always stay in contact and meet on a regular basis. This way, the slower as well as the faster bicycle riders get a chance to go at their own pace. After a break, the tour will not be continued before also the last to arrive had a chance to take their time for a rest.

The sooner the tour is booked, the larger the selection of available tours. Some of the high season tours are already booked up in January, other tours can still be booked last minute. For flight tickets, you often get the best rates when booking early. Also, we recommend very early decisions for railway reservations on frequented routes, up to three months in advance.

If you would like to book a tour with boat and bike we recommend an early booking. The ships have limited cabins and these kind of bike tours are really popular.

A detailed description of our included services can be found at the bottom of each tour description.

We organize your railway transportation from the station closest to you and make reservations according to your demands. For all long-distance destinations, we also offer flights as an alternative. If you prefer to travel by car, you can also book each of our tours without transportation to the tour destination.

Your bike is welcome on our tours. If you don\'t want to miss your bike in your vacation, just bring it along with you. We\'d be pleased to give you advice for the transportation of your bike to your destination. For international tours, it might sometimes be a better idea just to bring your own saddle. We install it on your rental bicycle when it fits in the seat post.

You get a light-weight and extremely smoothly running trekking bike that will fit you like a walking shoe. To make this possible, we will select the right bike from four different frame sizes - this is why we need to know your body height in the booking documents. A comfortable saddle and wide base tires ensure a comfortable ride even on narrow paths. Tightly gripping and well controllable brakes, smoothly running 21- or optionally 7-speed gear shifts and a solid and relieable equipment ensure safety and fun on every tour. The bicycles are especially designed for Rückenwind Reisen. More information and a photo can be found on the page "Rückenwind bicycles". On tours operated by our partners, the bike equipment may vary. For more information on these bicycles, please refer to the tour descriptions.

It's up to you: we offer guided tours for all guests who like to travel in a group accompanied by qualified tour guides. Shared experiences, contact to local people, much space for your individuality and an extraordinary service are waiting for you on our guided tours. If you appreciate the comfort of an organized bike tour, but don\'t want to travel in a group, our individual tours are for you. Equipped with detailed information and not burdened by luggage, you can discover the region just the way you like.

The daily rides are between 3 and 5 hours, depending on the region and the planned tour. Breaks, sight-seeing, strolls, picnics or café visits will interrupt the tour on a regular basis. The covered distance is not important. What counts is enjoying the moment and sharing the fun.

You will stay in typical, hospitable accomodations carefully chosen by us. The rooms are always equipped with shower and toilet. Some accomodations offer a very special charm, e.g. the traditional monastery in the Provence, the hotel queen Victoria already stayed in, the hotel at the river Weser in which every room is dedicated to a fairy tale or the luxurious Jugendstil villa at the river Elbe

The transport of your luggage is a service included in every bicycle tour. You will just have to take a couple of small things (camera, beverages ...) with you.

To get single room is often difficult - also in our region, but even more in southern destinations. Therefore Rückenwind offer the opportunity to book a semi-double-room. Is a room partner not to be found, the single room surcharge has to pay later.

Please note that the rating of additional charge is not only included the extra hotel price but also the own correspondence, invoice and the travel documents! In spite of the surcharge the single room is unfortunately simply equipped and inside of the hotel inferior situated as double rooms.