Baltic States

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

Since a few years the Baltic States become more prominent. The Baltic countries - Estonia, Latvia and Luthuania - combine traditional culture and beautiful landscapes. Every capital cities of the Baltic States are beautiful. Tallinn with its medieval old town, Riga with its Art Nouveau buildings and Vilnius with the Baroque style! You can all of these three cities visit during the cycle trip through the Baltic States. Every one of the cities is worth a visit!

Anke Tammen
I would be glad to help you to plan your cycling trip to the Baltic States.
Anke Tammen
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Baltic States bike tour | group tour

11 Days | Guided group tour
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Cultural tour through the Baltic States

Our offered 12 days cycling holiday in the Baltic States is a tour with a lot of culture. This round trip leads to all of the three main cities of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Perhaps some of the people you meet during this tour will be a new friendship? The people in the Baltic States are extremely hospitable.


Klaipeda is one of the destination during this cycling tour. Many of the half-timbered houses are restored and now the city has as important seaport for the country. It is really worth seeing! Klaipeda will also be a starting point for a short boat trip to the Courland Spit.

Explore the giant sand dunes in Lithuania and enjoy the landscape around the National parks of the Courland Spit.