Boat and Bike

Boat and Bike

with bike & barge to Danube, Rhine or Moselle

During the day you cycle along the beautiful rivers and in the evening you can enjoy the life on board. A wonderful combination of cycling holidays! You relax on board on the sun deck while the ship cruise over the river. You can see a castle, a small romantic village or a wide open view of meadows and fields.

Of course luggage transport ist not necessary on this type of trip: you cycle and the luggage remains on board. Enjoy the comfort of the wonderful kind of bike tours. And the cook on board has prepared culinary highlights. The dinner will be in the restaurant on board and perhaps afterwards you sit on the sun deck and drink a beer or wine. The air is still warm, the sun goes down and the red light is reflected on the water. Cycling and boat trips in combination are perfect!

Bike&Ship tour Holland

Boat and Bike

Rivers connect pearls

Rivers promised wealth, attracted people who built cities here: almost all of Europe's great and charming cities were built on rivers. Berlin on the Spree, Koblenz on the Moselle, Cologne on the Rhine and Vienna on the Danube. Follow paths along the water from Amsterdam to Rotterdam on your trip through the Netherlands. Europe's culture is revealed along its rivers and nature is also bursting with richness. Rare flora and fauna can be found in the Danube delta or in the canals of the Spreewald. The Moselle and Saar flow through regions with vineyards, fairytale castles and half-timbered houses. A combined trip on the Danube is a very special experience with bike and ship. Discover three countries on the way from Passau to Budapest.

Boat and Bike

the ships

For combined bike and ship giants, we work together with our sister company SE-Tours, for example. The fleet consists entirely of ships that make the combination to comfort trips in a wide variety of regions. Danube – impressions are offered by the MS Princess Katharina with its panoramic restaurant, inviting foyer, hairdressing salon and covered sun deck. The comfortably furnished MS Normandie takes you through South Holland. The MS Mecklenburg with its family flair runs between Amsterdam and Bruges. The MS Allure, which will take you to Franconia, offers you a modern cabin ship with an owner who is also the captain of the ship at the time and with love steers the ship. The MS Allure, for example, which takes you to Franconia, offers you a modern cabin ship with an owner who is also the captain and controls the ship with love. Each ship is carefully selected, is special and guarantees you a nice trip with own character.

Today, flexibility and innovation are paying off. Make the best of what’s possible. In recent years, many people have rediscovered cycling holidays and found that it is also beautiful in their home country, and that the combination of physical exercise, culture and pleasure is healthy and relaxing. Reason enough to look forward to your next holiday.

A large selection of holiday trips is also offered in the catalogue “Rad & Schiff. ” Eight tours lead across Germany on the Rhine, Main, Moselle, Saar, Neckar, Oder and Havel. There are some innovations to report from the Danube. The two beautiful and elegant river ships MS Princess Katharina and MS SE-Manon now operate there.

It is always a pleasure – this combination of sailing and cycling. Because you anchor in a different city every day and yet you can put your head on the same pillow every night. Because you cycle through ever different landscapes and cities, and because it’s just fun to sit with like-minded people in the evening, to review the experiences together and to plan for the next day.

By bike and boat on and along the beautiful rivers

The tours lead through beautiful landscapes - you can be sure of interesting cities and villages, castles and churches. And all of this without packing your suitcase and usually with full board. The crew is always on hand to offer advice and assistance. Was regular customers to know. The largest ships have few cabins and are so lost that the region is optimal. For river cruise ships, locks and bridges as well as the draft of the ships, size and length also play an important role.