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Travel has never been more beautiful!

Round trips by bicycle are the best proof that the path is sometimes the most beautiful destination. At the end, you always return to the beginning. Strictly speaking, you have not gained a single kilometer distance to the starting point of the trip during these bike trips. But is it important when there are instead many beautiful memories, fascinating impressions and sensual experiences? We think: it’s not important! Not at all.

On a guided or individual cycling holiday, the attractiveness of nature, culture and landscape becomes more intense than on any other trip. And in addition to great highlights, it is often small details that make its charm: perhaps the wonderful fragrance of the fir trees on the bike tour through the forest, a beautiful, thatched farmhouse or a delicious snack in the Berghof. For example, some of our round trips combine cycling holidays with a sailing trip such as the round trip from Copenhagen to Malmö and back. At Rückenwind bike holiday company there are many beautiful round trips to discover by bike or bike and boat. See for yourself!

By deciding to go on a round trip by bike, you have not yet committed to a holiday destination. You are left with a variety of options. Your cycling holiday may take you to the north of Germany, to the beaches of the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, to the Hanseatic city of Bremen or the lake district of the Mecklenburg lake district

Perhaps you would prefer a cycling holiday through Thuringia and Saxony, a round trip through the Münsterland parkland or through Upper Bavaria? Or are you drawn to other European countries? Then get to know our round trips around Stockholm, on Mallorca or in Provence, for example

Germany / Netherlands

East Frisian and the Netherlands

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East Frisian island hopping

8 Days | Self-guided tour
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Hanse loop tour

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Whatever you decide: Your cycling holiday with Rückenwind is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Germany's north. The rivers. The sea

Beautiful beaches, wild stretches of coastline, fishing villages and harbour towns characterise Germany's regions bordering directly on the North Sea and Baltic Sea. But also in the hinterland of the federal states lying on the coasts, a little further away from the sea, the countryside and towns are beautiful. Why not come along on one of the round trips through northern Germany?

Beaches, islands and the sea

The coastal regions of Germany are in many ways shaped by the sea and develop a rough and irresistible charm. You may see museum ships, lighthouses, romantic harbours and seaside resorts, shipyards and mudflats. And depending on the season, the places invite them to culture, nature and walks on the beach or even to swim in the sea.

The freedom-loving East Frisia with places such as the “Venice of the North (Papenburg) and the city of Emden is one of the enchanting German regions by the sea. She proves with a lot of art and culture that East Frisia is more than just tea and the sea. The islands of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea develop a very special flair. Here the world is different from the mainland: it is shaped by its own culture and nature. This unique island flair can be experienced, for example, during a cycling holiday on Borkum with its attractive high seas climate, on round trips on sophisticated islands such as Sylt and Norderney or on a holiday by bike on almost or completely car-free islands such as Langeoog and Hiddensee.

Once again, Rügen develops its own charm with its Baltic seaside resorts such as Binz. Become an islander during your cycling holiday. It’s worth it.

Bike Tour Usedom

Charming landscapes and towns in the hinterland

The coastal states of Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania prove how charming northern Germany is, even far from the coast. The north, far from the coast, is fantastically beautiful, for example, in the "Land of a Thousand Lakes", as the Mecklenburg Lake District is sometimes called. Cranes, white-tailed eagles and wild geese populate this landscape. And great writers such as Fontane and Tucholsky have also left their mark here.

Just as attractive as the lake district is a round trip through the Lüneburg Heath with its romantic half-timbered towns, moorland and castles in the style of the Weser Renaissance. No question: The north knows how to please even without the sea.

Bavaria, Austria and more: Alpine regions.

If you love high mountains a little more than the sea, you can opt for a round trip by bike in the Alps or in the foothills of the Alps in Germany or in neighbouring countries. Mountain enthusiasts don’t have to worry: No one has to give up such a cycling holiday because he is not a well-trained athlete. Completely untrained cyclists can also opt for a round trip on largely flat stretches on Lake Constance, for example. The alpine peaks are a dreamlike backdrop here, but not a sporting challenge. Splendid monasteries and castles prove that the internationally shaped Lake Constance region with its almost Mediterranean flair is rich in scenic beauty and cultural treasures. Other tours in the mountains are a bit more challenging than cycling holidays. They might not necessarily be the first time you’ve ever been in the saddle of a bike. But there is not a single bicycle tour that

The condition of a cyclist is required. With Rückenwind, for example, you can go on a round trip through the Austrian Salzkammergut, which starts and ends at the famous Wolfgangsee. Emperor Franz Josef and his Sissi once enjoyed good times in the region. Perhaps you too will feel a little like empress and emperor? Also very nice is a round trip from Rosenheim to the Chiemsee and back. The “Bavarian Sea” is ideal for a wonderfully refreshing swim in summer, while the villages along the way invite you to Bavarian coziness and hearty snack. Bavaria is not only Upper Bavaria, but also Franconia and Swabia. And so perhaps a bicycle holiday on the Romantic Road in Bavaria is the best variant of a cycling holiday in southern Germany? The Romantic Road takes you to the royal palaces in Füssen, to the Wieskirche and to the Fugger city of Augsburg. As you can see, the Alpine countries have many facets.

And every one of them is beautiful.

Seaside regions from the Alps and the sea

Germany is not only beautiful in the deepest North and South, but also right in the middle of it. Visit with us on a cycling holiday, for example, the big Saxon cities Dresden and Leipzig or the Sorbian regions in East Germany. Cruise through romantic river landscapes on the Rhine and Neckar with their great buildings such as the cathedral in Speyer, the castle in Heidelberg and the Cologne cathedral. Or experience the Ruhr area with its outstanding testimonies of industrial culture, which is much greener than you think.

Big cities, great landscapes

The Rückenwind roundtours also includes the bike trip from Berlin via Potsdam back to Berlin. It proves that a trip to two fascinating capitals can be combined with trips through enchanting natural landscapes. Many forests and lakes characterize the surroundings of Berlin and make the metropolis a charming city surrounded by greenery.

Attractive border regions

As in northern and southern Germany, there are always opportunities for attractive border crossings in other regions of Germany. Even in the united Europe, border regions are still special, because different national cultures meet and create an attractive mix.



This applies, for example, to the Franco-German border region and round trips through Alsace, Baden and the Palatinate. It is not only home to fascinating architecture such as the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Strasbourg and the Cathedral of Speyer. This is where the grapes of excellent wines grow and an excellent food and drink culture has developed.

More Europe!

Light and scents of Provence. The facets of the illuminated island of Mallorca. The enchanting Tuscany and the green heart of Portugal, the mysterious Prague and Moscow with the Golden Ring of different Russian cities: there are many reasons to love Europe. And you have plenty of opportunities to get to know it on a lovely Rückenwind holiday by bike. Come along! Get to know our European round trips by bike.

The Kremlin and the Volga

You start your cycling holiday in Moscow, the fascinating Russian capital with its magnificent buildings such as the Kremlin. Follow the Volga and get to know Russian culture, history and modernity in cities like Tver and Konakovo

Highlights of Provence

Anyone who thinks of Provence thinks of lavender, of sensuality, light and colours that have fascinated even famous painters such as Gauguin or van Gogh, of Greeks and Romans who left their mark here. In Provence you can see the luxuriant life with its most beautiful facets. You’ll enjoy it.

Cycling holidays in France

Mallorca – the enlightened island

Mallorca is much more than a party and a dancer. The Spaniards sometimes call the island “La Luminosa”: the Enlightened One. It can be very quiet, very romantic, sometimes wild, then dreamy again when it presents itself with pretty little towns, olive groves and organ trees. Get to know the Enlightened One on one of our round trips.

Bike trips in Spain

Stockholm and Surroundings

Kings, Culture and Culinary Discover the fascinating capital of Sweden and its surrounding countryside. Look forward to the UNESCO World Heritage Drottningholm Castle, where Sweden's royal family grew up, to traces of Kurt Tucholsky, to culinary specialities such as Swedish waffles, salmon and smoked fish. Sweden welcomes its guests with style and good food.

Cycling in Sweden

Over water and land: round tours by bike and boat.

In many European countries round trips by bike and boat are available. They combine two particularly beautiful travel options. By boat you can reach the islands of a country or drive over large rivers that will take you to the most beautiful sights. They get on the bike and explore the surroundings or stay on board and take care of the idleness. You have free choice on round tours by bike and boat and both alternatives are attractive. Some of our bike and boat tours:

Travel by bike and boat

On the raft hotel through Romania

Floating reed islands, inland lakes, marshes, lagoons and canals form a unique landscape shaped by water in the Danube Delta in Romania. Experience an almost untouched nature on bike tours and trips with the 4-star raft hotel, which offers you a comfortable and incomparable home with a restaurant and the spacious sun deck.

Idyllic bays, azure waters: Kvarner Bay

Kvarner Bay in Croatian Dalmatia (Croatia) is characterised by rugged rocks, idyllic bays, azure waters inviting for bathing and islands such as Krk and Rab. We invite you to this boat and bike holiday to the island hopping, where you get to know the romantic harbour towns and the charming nature of the islands and also enjoy some opportunities for swimming. Rückenwind Reisen has further cycling and boat tours in its program, for example in the Netherlands, Masuria and Sicily. Let us inspire you.

Over a hundred round trips.

And all are beautiful! Browse a bit in our offer. Discover numerous round trips by bike or by bike and boat. For us, such offers are more than just business. They're kind of our passion. And you can feel this on every cycling tour we organise. We can promise you that. Perhaps you will soon experience it for yourself? We would be pleased to welcome you as a guest on one of our tours.

Round tours

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We will take you away from the busy roads and guide you to well-developed bike paths whenever possible. Round tours are so popular because they always take you back to your starting point. This has the advantage that you arrive at the starting hotel again and thus have your car immediately available again.

One of the most popular regions for round trips is probably Lake Constance,

The most famous lake in Germany, which is ideal for round trips. This will also take you to our beautiful neighbouring countries. Bike tours at Lake Constance


Lake Constance cycle path

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The big Lake Constance bike tour

12 Days | Self-guided tour
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