Cycling holidays in Europe

Bicycle holidays in the Baltic States – Beauty that blossomed in secret

For a long time, they seemed to be swallowed up by many people in the West, the Baltic countries on the Baltic Sea: It is only in the last few years that they have come to the fore again, also in Germany. The Baltic countries on the Baltic Sea – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – combine traditional culture and beautiful natural scenery. Each of the Baltic capitals is beautiful: Tallinn with its medieval old town, Riga with its Art Nouveau buildings and Vilnius with its Baroque buildings. For example, you can visit all three cities on one of the tour operator Rückenwind Reisen and each one of them is worth a visit: They are all on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Cultural tour through the Baltic States

The Eleven-Day Cycling Holiday in the Baltic Sea offered by Rückenwind Reisen is a cultural – round trip by bike and bus through all three Baltic countries. The cycling tour takes you not only to the capitals of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Perhaps some will visit regions and cities where their family comes from? And perhaps he will meet people there who become friends, who will share with him one or another experience that underpins the new friendship between East and West? Klaipeda on the Baltic Sea, for example, is one of the destinations of the cycling trip in the Baltic. Memel used to be called Klaipeda in Memelland; Many half-timbered houses are still in the city, which has the most important seaport in the country. Klaipeda will also travel with Rückenwind during your cycling holiday be the starting point for a short boat tour to the Curonian Spit. Huge sand dunes characterize this peninsula, which is now a national park of Lithuania. On the Spit you will cycle to Nida and spend the night there. Nida is a seaside resort and former artists' colony. Lovis Corinth and Max Pechstein were here for a while. Nida is surrounded by forests, dunes and heathlands, which may have served as a backdrop for some of the painters.

Cycling holidays in the Baltic

Culture and nature are in harmony in the Baltic region; Not only in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn await visitors on their cycling holidays treasures that were once hidden by iron curtains. But now the curtain is up. The Baltic region awaits you: you and your bike with many new discoveries.

Bike tours in Poland and Masuria – 3,000 lakes, thousands of storks

It is not known exactly who in the team of Rückenwind Reisen first came up with the idea to offer cycling trips to the lakes of the Masurian Mountains in Poland. The fact is that the idea quickly took shape and that in the course of the organisation some of the team members almost fell in love with the Masurian Lake District the better they got to know it. Masuria is also called the land of 3,000 lakes and it is a region where thousands of storks find their home, a region where forest is primal, heathland occupies large areas, where clear water flows in rivers. Ernst Wiechert and Siegfried Lenz lived parts of their lives in Masuria and left their traces behind. Maybe you will find some of them: deep in Masuria?

Bike tour Poland

Cycling holidays in Poland – from Krytyn to Wolfsschanze

Krytyn is the starting point for this cycling holiday in Poland and offers the opportunity for a beautiful boat trip on the Krytyna. From here, your holiday will take you by bike to the Puszcza Piska jungle and after another night in Krytyn to Mragowo, the former Sensburg, which is located amidst the beautiful lakes and forests of the Mragowskiesee Plat. But Masuria is not just nature – experience in a beautiful region: Again and again magnificent buildings were placed in the pristine countryside, especially the Holy Linden. The name St. Linden stands for a Jesuit monastery, which is considered to be the most beautiful baroque building in Poland. Worth seeing is the magnificent basilica, also worth seeing the famous organ of the monastery from the year 1721.

It was written by Jussua Mosengels. Masuren presents itself quite differently during your cycling holiday in Poland when you visit Wolfsschanze. Here, in the former Führer’s headquarters, the darkest part of German history is suddenly at hand. But the dark times are over and hopefully will never return.

Cycling from Warsaw to Gdansk

The first highlight at the start of your cycling tour through Poland is Warsaw with its beautiful Old Town and cultural diversity. Afterwards, you will cycle leisurely through the enchanting landscapes of Masuria, passing the Mikolaiki water sports centre between Lake Mikolajskiesee and Lake Talty. Excursion boats sail the lakes around the city, sailing ships dance on the water. The city itself has a large marina, restaurants and cafés nearby invite you to linger. It is beautiful in Mikolaiki – you will see for yourself. The old Hanse metropolis of Gdansk is at the end of the tour on your bike path through Poland: another highlight at the end of the tour.

Radreisen in Tschechien

Prag, Moldau, Elbe und Böhmens Weine

Prag ist voller Geschichte und voller Kultur und mit Sicherheit würdiger Start oder aber würdiges Ziel von Radreisen durch den Osten Europas. Die Stadt Kafkas. Die Stadt der weltberühmten Sehenswürdigkeiten wie des Hradschins mit dem Königsschloss oder der Karlsbrücke ist bis heute eine Stadt der Kultur mit weltweit gutem Ruf. Auf vielen Bühnen in Prag wird Theater gespielt, die Philharmonie gilt als eine der besten Europas, diverse Clubs bieten Raum für Jazzkonzerte. Aber Tschechien ist nicht nur einen Urlaub wert, weil Prag einen Urlaub wert ist. Rückenwind Reisen bietet beispielsweise achttägige Touren von Prag nach Dresden an: sowohl als geführte Touren als auch als Radreisen, bei denen individuell gefahren wird.



Gepäcktransport ist bei beiden Varianten inklusive. Bei diesem Radurlaub ist Start wie Ziel der Reise ein Kultur – Erlebnis von europäischem Rang. Dresden steht Prag in nichts nach und präsentiert mit Sehenswürdigkeiten wie der Semperoper sowie der Frauenkirche und dem Zwinger ähnlich berühmte Bauwerke wie die Hauptstadt Tschechiens. Verbunden werden beide Städte durch Moldau und Elbe und so geben die Flüsse die Richtung vor, die man bei diesem Radurlaub einschlägt.

Cycling tours through the Czech Republic – back in Germany

Approaching the Czech side of the German border, you drive through the Elbsandsteingebirge, which on the German side is also called Saxon Switzerland. Nature as a master builder here demonstrates its tendency towards bizarre figures, which it formed from the stone of the rocks. As if escaped from a strange dream, the rock formations look partly, dreamlike at the same time. Bad Schandau, like the fortress Königsstein, is located in Saxon Switzerland; both of you will also get to know during this cycling holiday. Then. . . you reach Dresden and the end of this journey is as beautiful as the beginning and as all the days between start and finish.

Cycle Holidays

The discovery of Germany is no less adventurous than the discovery of Europe

A holiday in beautiful Germany is very popular. Cycling trips are often about getting to know the country and its people, being in the fresh air, decelerating and enjoying nature. Many of our customers have travelled many times and yet you can make many new discoveries in Germany. Experiments Cyclists know many corners of Europe and discover beautiful bike paths again and again and can tell of many adventures by bicycle.

For us it is definitely the best way to travel!

The stress of civilization that we ourselves have created falls off of us and we can become calmer again. That’s why we love our work and offer many different travel options. Whether individual or guided: on a round trip or along the rivers – there is something for every type of cyclist.

Bike trips Netherlands – off to our neighbours

On vacation, we do things that we would often not do at home. We take the small Bimmelbahn, have a wine tasting, visit a museum or buy cheesy souvenirs. Especially the disconnect from everyday life and the change from the usual are the things that make the holiday so important for many.

Those who go on holiday want a change of scenery. This step out of everyday life often doesn’t take much. A nice afternoon in the beer garden, a small bike ride or even a few days out. It doesn’t have to be far. Because holidays in Germany and our neighboring countries like the Netherlands are particularly beautiful!

The Netherlands is characterised by its seaside location and the Dutch know how to enjoy life. A visit to our neighbours is always worth a trip. Beautiful beaches and islands such as Texel and Terschelling can be one of your destinations on such a trip.

Nothing is more beautiful than a day at the seaside!

No matter what time of year – it’s always a good idea. In autumn the stormy sea. In spring, when the first rays of sunshine warm your face. In summer with fresh air and sea noise. Whether spring, summer or autumn, the Netherlands is perfectly equipped for cycling travellers. The excellent node system accompanies you and is always well maintained and maintained.

Whether you are relaxing by the sea or cycling around the IJsselmeer – many paths lead to relaxation, freedom and serenity.


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