The bicycle as a health factor

Health for body, mind and soul

We live in a performance society and we often rush from appointment to appointment and juggle different tasks in life. In addition to family and private encounters, there are increasing professional demands, hectic appointments and other commitments. This can lead to people building up more and more pressure and not being able to handle stress well. This leads to high blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances or sleep disturbances. Physical balance, such as fresh air and exercise, is often lacking, especially in everyday office life.

Therefore, cycling in particular can prevent the first symptoms. Exercise in the fresh air absorbs more oxygen in the body and reduces initial stress factors such as frantic thoughts about the next tasks. Thus, the even treading stabilizes the psyche and brightens the mood. It often has soothing effects on mind and body! The fresh air, the nature and the sun make your head clear and give you a feeling of freedom.

Health benefits

  • Heart and circulatory system are energized
  • Fat burning is increasing
  • Breathing becomes more effective and the resting pulse decreases
  • Muscles are supplied with more blood
  • The fitness increases with regular cycling
  • Improving coordination
  • The joint load is low, as most of the body weight rests on the saddle.
  • Strengthening of the back
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Cycling reduces stress, relaxes and ensures a good mood

The happiness of the earth is not only on the backs of the horses. Also cycling activates happiness hormones. Endurance sports release endorphins and serotonin after half an hour. The steady movement awakens in us a feeling of harmony. The body is supplied with more oxygen, so sleep becomes deeper and more restful.

With Rückenwind Reisen you can relax even more, because we are there for you on site. We take care of the booking, bring your luggage from place to place and welcome you on our own tours with an information meeting. You will receive information about the bike trip as well as insider tips and your rental bike will be adapted for you.

Sitting right on the bike

The generally recommended posture on the bicycle: arms slightly bent, do not stretch through. The width of the handlebar should roughly correspond to the width of the shoulder. The saddle height fits if you reach the pedal at the bottom with your leg stretched out. Step on the pedal with the ball of your foot, the legs should be slightly bent and not stretched.

In addition, for the effectiveness of your fitness and to protect your joints, we recommend to use a lighter gait and to tread continuously.

For our Rückenwind original trips, an employee will be waiting for you to arrange the bike for you so that you can enjoy all the benefits of cycling.

Regular bicycle check

It is recommended to check your bike through its paces once a year. If you are travelling with your own bicycle, we recommend that you check before your trip. Our rental bikes receive this privilege even after every cycling trip. As soon as the bikes go back to the station, our staff on site check whether everything is still in order before it is handed over to our next customers. Furthermore, we have a bicycle mechanic in Oldenburg who lets the bikes come to a complete check once a year.

Equipment cycling clothing

Helm: It is not mandatory to wear a helmet in Germany. Only it’s important because it protects the head in case of a fall. Pay attention to the TÜV seal of approval when buying.

Cycling trousers: Cycling trousers or shorts have the advantage that they often have a padded insert that pads your buttocks.

Gloves: These prevent pressure marks and blisters on the hands.

T-Shirt /Jacket: They are breathable and therefore avoid heat build-up and dry quickly.

And the most important thing at the end! Take enough with you to drink – preferably water or a diluted fruit juice schorle.

All Rückenwind rental bikes are provided with a saddle bag so you can take your valuables and plenty of drinks with you.

We wish you lots of fun, relaxation and relaxation on your bike tour!