Carsten Rehbein is working for Rückenwind Reisen in the Lüneburg Heath!

My name is Carsten Rehbein, and I’m actually a man from Hamburg, almost 60 years old. But the work and love took me to the Lüneburg Heath. So I still live near Lüneburg today.
For a Rückenwind, I take care of the guests in the Lüneburger Heide, work out routes and am glad to be taken with me to trade fairs. After all, I’m a chatty guy.

I also like to travel as a travel companion for guided bike tours.
Bicycles have been my passion since my youth, of course not as important as my family, but nevertheless the most beautiful side issue in the world. Historic racing bikes had always been a favourite for me, and for a long time I collected them and hung them on the wall. Now there is nothing on the wall, neither the business diploma nor the bicycles. Things are there to experience, not to look at. With my son the old racing bike treasures are moved, he shares the passion racing bike. Today I don’t need any more huge bike trips, instead of Scotland, the heath is enough for me, instead of Sweden, a bike tour along the coast. Beautiful days are everywhere. Driving peacefully, enjoying the countryside, nature and good regional food, that’s all it takes. Spiced with some culture and architecture along the way, my perfect holiday.

So I’m on the road and I’m planning a new, further tour for Rückenwind around the Lüneburger Heide. In 2022 it will be called “ Heide Pur . ” A 3-day bike tour for our guests.
Such a route is not planned on the computer with Rückenwind cycling trips, instead hundreds of kilometres are cycled on dirt roads, through bogs and woods. This is how the finished routes are created, which delight our guests so much.
On the trail of Hermann Löns, an idea of this tour. The poet of the Lüneburg Heath, he was an enthusiastic cyclist and cyclist.
Löns was able to write many of his reports only because he was able to “experience” landscapes and places on his bicycle that he would never have reached on foot. Cycling tourism is as old as the bicycle.

Experiencing and experiencing is still a wise concept today. The success of a good bike tour: Beautiful routes, supplemented by insider tips, developed with the lifestyle of a cyclist.
In the year I ride well over 10 000 km with my bicycles, with my son and friends on the road. Tandem, road bike, classic car, fascinating technology.
Rückenwind trips for me is an attitude of life that makes my job satisfied with passion. Cycling connects colleagues, guests and me.