Equipment for a perfect cycling holiday

Your bicycle

It must therefore be fully functional. If necessary, renew the tyres if you have already covered many kilometres, the profile is no longer correct or the bike has stood for a long time.

The brakes shall also be checked for functionality. Is the light okay and can the gear shift be operated cleanly? In case of doubt, you should have your bike checked by your trusted bicycle dealer.

Our bicycles

Our bikes are taken back to the station after each tour, where they are washed and serviced. The most important thing about a bike trip is that you feel comfortable and safe on your bike.

Do you just want to go with a bike that you already know and on which you have already ridden long distances? Then you can also bring your own bicycle on our tours.

Please think only of your own patch and tool, bicycle lock and saddle bag. With our rental bikes there is always a saddle bag on the bike. You are also welcome to buy saddle bags from us. And if you want to pack valuables extra, such as a camera, card material, wallet etc. a handlebar bag is recommended. With our original tailwind bike tours you will also receive a handlebar bag.

More information about our bikes can be found here. . .

Saddlebags for the trip

First of all, remember, everything you take with you must be moved!

You can also take a backpack with you, but we strongly advise against it. The weight on your back feels obstructed and you sweat unnecessarily.

Each of our rental bicycles have a saddlebag!

Good rain gear

Good raincoats are not bargains. That’s why it makes sense to buy one that doesn’t work on the bike tour, but also in everyday life.

It should be a lightweight, versatile jacket against bad weather. A small packable rain jacket for packing bag or briefcase should always be ready for use when it really needs to be.

There are a number of models and the selection is often not easy. A more close-to-body cut, good mobility in the arm and shoulder area as well as the best possible vapour permeability and sweat transport are important factors when choosing a rain jacket. It is recommended a shorter hull length for wheel jackets and a hood that can be easily stowed away or at least lashed without flutter.

Coatings and membranes made of breathable, microporous polyurethane dominate the market and are offered by many brand names such as Ceplex or BD Dry. Particularly exciting are the developments in rain protection in relation to the environmental impact of fluorochemistry in impregnations (so-called PFCs). This is often discussed at the moment and many suppliers now refer to or carry eco-labels or recycled materials. But the development is rapid and many new achievements are being made in this area too.

At the end you can sayt a good rain jacket is a good rain jacket and belongs in the saddle bag of every cycling trip!

Apart from good cycling clothing, remember also:

  • replacement glasses or contact lenses,
  • small travel pharmacy (plaster, bandages, sunscreen, insect protection, disinfectants, medicines such as headache pills, etc. )
  • Passport
  • money, credit card, etc.
  • mobile phone (with important phone numbers – save e. g. our emergency number)
  • camera (photographic bag, memory cards, charger.
  • for all important things small bags to pack waterproof and savely

Tip: If you want to take your camera with you, there are very useful padded photo inserts that can be easily inserted into the handlebar bag.

Other useful things:

  • sunglasses,
  • sun milk and swimming equipment (if necessary)
  • small blanket or seat cushion (for a picnic)
  • Pocketknives/cutlery
  • towel

We provide you with important travel documents, route descriptions with maps as well as some other information about sights and city maps. If you want to find out more about the region, we recommend a travel guide.