Cycle Holidays

Arrival by train

The RIT ticket

In addition to your bicycle tour, we offer discounted R.I.T. (Rail Inclusive Tour) tickets for railway transportation (round trip) from your home station to your travel destination. For domestic routes, the R.I.T. ticket pricing is divided into different tariff zones, depending on the travel distance in kilometers. For international tours, you can find the railway ticket price from and to the border station in the tour description. 

The following table reveils the railway ticket prices for domestic routes according to the tariff zones for a round trip. (The distances refer to domestic railway kilometers, one way): 

Price table
Price per Person 2nd Class 1st Class
Kilometer to 350 more than
to 350 more than
without BahnCard € 62,- € 104,- € 98,- € 170,-
with BahnCard € 52,- € 94,- €88,- € 160,-

Attention with BahnCard: Don´t forget the BahnCard!

The RIT. ticket entitles for transportation in all trains, incl. ICE usage without limitaion to specific trains! 3rd party operated trains can not be used with this ticket!

For trains with global pricing system and obligatory reservation (e.g. DB night train, Thalys), different prices may apply. Please ask for information if required. 

Price calculation for international routes
Bike Tour Lüneburger Heide

For international tours for which we offer railway transportation, you can find the possible routes and railway ticket prices from and to the border station in the tour description. The total price for your railway transportation from your home station consists of the ticket price from the border station (c.f. tour description) and the domestic route, depending on the travel distance (c.f. the above table). If required, please ask for other routes than the described and for international 1st class surcharges. Partial routes and surcharges can not be refunded! 

Travel connections

The journey starts and ends at a German DB station of your choice stated in your application form. The tour confirmation will include information on examplary connections and possible reservations for the most important trains. We will send you the appropriate R.I.T. tickets. Reservations for seats, couchette and night train places can be made directly through the Deutsche Bahn AG. 

If requested in time (3 months prior to the tour start), we can also make the desired reservations for you at official DB rates. Exchanges or cancellations of reservations booked through us are not possible. 


Changes in bookings

We charge a booking fee of € 16,- for alterations or cancellations of your railway tickets in addition to the DB cancellation fees (if applicable).

Child discounts

Please ask for child discounts on individual routes.