Boat and Bike in the Czech Republic

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Castles, palaces, royals towns

If you are a romantic, you will love a trip by bike and boat through the Czech Republic. Picturesque villages and casltes in an original river landscape characterise parts of the country, which reveals its beauty on the Elbe and Moldava in many small details. But you will also like the Czech Republic as a friend of high culture, and not only because a visit to the Golden City of Prague is almost a must here. On a bicycle and boat trip you will get to tknow the most famous Renaissance castle in Bohemia, the baroque St. Stephen´s Cathedral in Lotermérice and many other buildings.

Last but not least, the nature of the country makes a trip by bike and boat in the Czech Republic a great expreience. It presents itself with rustic forestst and wetlands along the rivers and becomes a grandiose builder in places like Behomian gate. About 100 meters high are the rocks that surround the Elbe and create an impressive natural spectacle.

Experience the fascinating Czech Republic and its capital Prague on a daily trip. You stay overnight on the ship and enjoy the full board here. During the day you cycle through the beautiful Czech countryside to the most beautiful places in the region. Alternatively, you can stay on board of you don´t fell like cycling. The day will be beautiful in any case. Let us fascinate you. The Czech Republic is worth a trip. Come with me.

The Czech Republic and its royal cities

Many places in the Czech Republic have a rich tradition. This can be seen in fascinating buildings, castes, well-preserved city walls and magnificent cathdrals. The Rückenwind trip with boat and bike through the Czech Republic takes you to the Czech royal cities of Nymburk and Lotimérice on the Elbe as well as to the royal city Melnik and the confluence of the elbe and Vltava rivers.

King´s town were once the inalienable property of the Bohemian kings. Nymburk was founded as a royal town in the 13th century at the behest of the Bohemian king Přemysl Otakar II. The town, formerly known as Nimburg or Neuenburg an der Elbe, is just fifty kilometers from Prague. Worth seeing are the well-preserved parts of the former city wall and the church Sankt Ägidius, an impressive testimony of the brick Gothic.

In the 13th century Přemysl Otakar II not only made Nymburk a royal city, but also Mělník. The most famous buidlings Mělníks, which you can also get to know by combining a cycling holiday with a boat trip, is the caslte of the same name. At iits present location, a calste was first built in the early Middle Ages, which was later converted into a palace. Today it presents itself as an impressive baroque building. Also worth seeing is the market square of the town, which is also a centre of Bohemian viticulture. Wine lovers will also get their money´s worth here.

Also in the 13th century Litomerice became a royal city. Litomerice is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic and therefore should not be missed on this trip by bike and boat. Colourful Gothis, Renaissance and Baroque houses from the city centre, whose outstanding sights are St. Stephens Cathedrals and the old town hall built in Gothic style. also worth seeing: The extensive corrdior system under the city, which is altogether about the three kilometers long.

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Excursion into the main city Prague

Prague? Prague must not be absent?

Many people start their journey by bike and ship with a flight to Prague. From here a bus takes you to Brandýs nad Labem. Alternatively, you can travel individually to Brandýs nad Labem, where the MS Florentina awaits you. At the end of the ship and bicycle journey we will go to Prague again. So you will have two opportunities to get to know the Golden City. Because of the many towers in the city, it is also calles the city of 100 towers. Prague is also a royal city, but has a special role as the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic.

the historic Cente of Prague is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and presents itself with numerous Gothis and Baroque buildings. Among the outstanding buildings are the famouse Charles Bridge, the equally famous Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral and the Old Town. Also worth a visit are the museums of Prague such as the National Museum, the Jewish Museum and the Museum of the Capital Prague.

But Prague is even more than the sum of tist buildings and museums. Due to its lively atmosphere, the Golden City is also a worthwhile destination for cycling and boat trips on the Elbe and Vlatava rivers. The famous Prague coffee houses are also worth a visit. Also word-famous: Prague beer. Treta yourself to one or two glasses in the beer taverns and bars of Braies. you may also choose beer as an accompaniment to delicious Czech dishes, which you can get in some Prague restaurants. Amaong th well-known dishes of Bohemian cuisine are paprika gulash withe Bohemian dumplings. pork with sauerkraut or desserts such as Trdelnik, a kind of Bohemian pyramid cake.

Nature romance: Czech Republic´s beautiful river landscapes

If you are looking for further resasons for a trip by bike and boat in the czech Republic, you may be convinced by the charming natural landscapes along the rivers. The Elbe and Moldava rivers shape the regions through which they lfow. This becomes particularly clear at the Bohemian Gate at the transition from the Elbe Sandstone Mountains to the Bohemian Low Mountains. 

But the Czech Republic´s landscapes offer you much more on your journey. The winegrowing regions along the Elbe and Moldava rivers, for example, are scenically attractive. Cycling tours in the Bzech Republic belong the to easy to medium category. The routes are usually flat: There are only short and easy climb from time to time. That is why even inexperienced cyclists will enjoy the trips throught the Czech nature.

Welcome to the MS Florentina

On this journey you will stay on the MS Florentina by bike and boat. The comfortable and cosy middle class ship dates from 1980, but was completely renovated between 2008 and 2014. On the upper and main decks there are a total of 40 two-bed cabins and six single bed cabins. In additions to the cabins, the ship offers a panoramic saloon with panoramic windows, a beautiful restaurant with bar and a small lounge. On sunny and beautiful days, the large sun deck with its crew of 15 people is the perfect home during your combined cycle and boat trip. You´ll be very comfortable. Decide for a really nice holiday: for a Rückenwind trip by bike and ship in the Czech Republic.