Bike tours in Hungary and Romania

On the Blue Danube in Eastern Europe

A fascinating cycling holiday in Hungary, Serbia and Romania

Those who set off from Germany on one of the bike tours along the Danube often only come to Vienna. No doubt: Austria’s capital is a very attractive destination for a cycling holiday. Nevertheless, it is a pity if you don’t get to know other Danube river landscapes at some point: in Hungary and Serbia, as well as in the Romanian Danube Delta, where the river flows into the Black Sea. Get to know these landscapes. It’s worth it!

We at Rückenwind Reisen offer you a very attractive eleven-day tour along the Danube through Hungary, Serbia and Romania: as a guided, attractive group tour by bike.

Come with us to the three capitals Budapest, Belgrade and Bucharest. Experience the Danube Breakthrough Iron Gate in the Southern Carpathians, where the river is framed by rough rock and the Black Sea, which invites you to swim in summer. Experience in rural regions of

Romania is an original Europe, still unfamiliar to many Western Europeans, where legends and legends have survived and where hospitality is upheld.

Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest: the charm of the capitals

Experience three capitals of Eastern Europe is one of the highlights of the group bike tour through Hungary, Serbia and Romania, which we offer you here. The Danube takes us from Budapest via Belgrade to Bucharest, before it takes us on to the Black Sea. Budapest is the most famous of the three capitals among Western tourists. Is it the nicer one compared to Belgrade and Bucharest? I guess that can only be decided individually.

Budapest presents itself with the Buda Castle District and the Danube Panorama, which have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1987. Buildings such as the Castle Palace, the famous Chain Bridge, the Fishermen’s Bastion and the Parliament Building attract many tourists year after year. But there are also less famous features of the city, such as the so-called ruin pubs in former factory and warehouse halls, which give it a special charm.

Belgrade surprises many tourists because they would not have expected such a dynamic city. Your cycling holiday will take you to a Serbian metropolis, which presents itself in a variety of ways, mixes influences from the Orient and the West and boasts a vibrant cultural scene. And so it is not only historical buildings such as the Cathedral of St. Sava and the Belgrade Fortress that make a trip to Belgrade worthwhile. It is the city itself: with many interesting people, a rich cuisine and coffeehouse culture.

Bucharest is also a very worthwhile destination for cycling trips on the Danube. The capital of Romania presents itself in a fascinating mix of styles. Buildings that combine Italian-Venetian and Oriental stylistic elements alternate with sugar bakery houses, the Bauhaus and French architecture that has made Bucharest the “Paris of the East. ” There are people who underestimate Bucharest as a tourist destination. See for yourself how wrong they are.

Cultural life away from capital cities

It is not only the capitals that prove the richness of culture and history of countries such as Hungary and Romania. Many other places also take this test when cycling along the Danube. This refers to places such as:

  • the Hungarian town of Ráckeve on the Danube island of Csepel with the castle of the same name,
  • the Romanian Tulcea with its Orthodox Churches and the Turkish Mosque, which are in harmony on the city’s territory,
  • the medieval town of Sibiu (Hermann’s Town), which is one of the cultural and spiritual centres of Romania.

What is also meant is a rural everyday culture in small villages, where time seems to have stopped and where guests are warmly welcomed.

The charm of the Danube and the Danube Delta

A river as mighty as the Danube characterizes the landscapes it flows through. This can be felt on this bike trip, for example, at the Iron Gate in the borderland of Serbia and Romania. Here the river has worked hard for many years through rock. The river bed is surrounded by high rock. The river flows amidst a wildly romantic landscape and was once a great challenge for any riverboat. The Danube breakthrough in the Southern Carpathians is still surrounded by nature, where wolves and lxes have their home.

Danube with bike and boat

Donau - From Vienna to Budapest


Among the fascinating natural landscapes you will get to know on this cycling holiday in Hungary, Serbia and Romania is the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. Here the river branches into various branches. This creates a wild landscape of canals, floating islands and dense jungle. And it’s still changing, this landscape, because river and wind are still shaping it today. Over 1,000 plant species and more than 4,000 animal species are said to exist here. Among them is the symbolic animal of the Danube Delta: the pelican.

And then there’s the Black Sea. You can get to know it on your guided Danube bike tour, for example during a stay in the Romanian port city of Constanta. Enjoy a walk on the beach promenade. Or start a tour of the port city: Impressive religious buildings such as the Byzantine Basilica and the Carol I Mosque compete for their attention. And of course the Black Sea attracts with some beaches.

This bike trip has its own character

Each tailwind bike tour has its own character. This cycling holiday on the Danube in Hungary, Serbia and Romania, where you will get to know fascinating Eastern European countries by the mighty river, is no exception.

However, there are also features that all of our cycling trips share with each other. These include excellent organisation, selected accommodation and itinerary that make every day of travel special, because there is a different holiday highlight waiting for you every day.

Cycling holidays in Hungary, Serbia and Romania are among the medium-difficent cycling trips of Rückenwind Reisen. So a little stamina is required. However, you don’t have to be a sporty cyclist to enjoy the trip. It is also a good choice for hobby cyclists.

Rückenwind group travel: How friendships are formed

Rückenwind Reisen organises individual trips and group trips by bike. The one-day cycling tour through Hungary, Serbia and Romania is one of the group tours. With them, the cycling tour group is guided by a well-trained tour guide. The experience of exciting and beautiful moments together has already created a friendship that has endure far beyond the cycling holiday. This can also be a good reason to choose this cycling holiday on the Danube.

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