More about me Marscha and Rückenwind Reisen!

I am Marscha and have been working for over 13 years at Rückenwind Reisen and I am really satisfied and happy there.

I am a trained businesswoman in wholesale and foreign trade and after my apprenticeship I decided to take my Abitur (scjppö exa,omatopm isiaööy talem at tje end of the 13th year and approimately equalivalent to the British A level/American SAT exam). My dream has always been to work in tourism and so I went to the University of Applied Sciences in Wilhelmshaven after graduating from high school. There I studied tourism economics and took two major courses in Tourisumus as well as a major in economics and marketing.

Durch mein Studium boten sich viele Möglichkeiten um Auslandserfahrungen zu machen und so war ich eine Weile in Neuseeland und einige Wochen in Spanien. Nur war ich nach meinem Studium etwas verloren. Ich war eine ganze Weile auf der Suche nach dem richtigen Job und hatte daher einige Zwischenstationen. Eine Station war die Arbeit in einer Werbeagentur, wodurch ich diverse Programme kennenlernen durfte, die mir heute sehr weiterhelfen.

Because of my studies there were many opportunities to gain experience abroad and so I spent a while in New Zealand and a few weeks in Spain. Only after graduation, I was a bit lost. I was looking for the right job for quite a while and therefore had some intermediate stops. One stop was working for an advertising agency, which allowed me to get to know various programs that help me a lot today.

And about a year after my studies, I started traveling with Rückenwind and still enjoy being there today. I like the daily work with my colleagues but also the way we interact with our partners and customers. Working with a bike travel specialist is a lot of fun. I myself have already been in Provence, on the Weser cycle path, on the IJsselmeer, in Berlin, Potsdam, by bike and boat in Croatia and have also been able to get to know many of our boats on our trips by bike and boat. Two years ago I went on a hiking trip with our partner Eurohike.

Hiking from Merano to Lake Garda! In a word – Beautiful! A super worthwhile trip with great guides on site. I was able to see Johannes and Sebastian in action there and both took excellent care of us. The hotels were consistently great and the scenery is enchanting. Sometimes you walk between vineyards along small streams and sometimes in the valley where the trees and steep rocks rise above you. However, I was there in May – this has the advantage that it is not too hot yet, but also the disadvantage that some of the paths were still covered with snow and partly impassable. But there were always alternatives and great hiking trails away from the mountains.

I am a big fan of our neighboring country, the Netherlands! These beautiful little towns with small harbours and cozy houses are really great. The attitude to life there is funny, cozy and always friendly. Our neighbours know how to enjoy life. The island of Ameland was particularly fond of me. The beaches, the dunes, the bike paths, the hospitality and above all you can easily switch off here. I like to do yoga myself and therefore I find this island just super suitable. Three days there is like three weeks of vacation. But the IJsselmeer also impressed me unbelievably. The quality of the bike paths, the hospitality of the hotels – if there are any problems, every hotel takes care of itself super helpful and lovely. Maybe it’s the language too, but I find the Dutch extremely likeable. And I am particularly proud of the fact that many partners always praise our Rückenwind customers.

Three years ago I went on a bike and boat trip in Croatia with my dear colleague Ilka. This trip or kind of travelling is highly recommended. Arriving at the airport and getting to the jetty is quick and easy and as soon as the cabin is occupied, the holiday starts. Every day after breakfast there was a little instruction for the coming day and the tour guides always give great tips for the trip. It’s easy to find new friends. However, I recommend everyone an electric bike – unless you are really fit and love the sporty challenge. I like cycling myself but first the island has to be climbed. That means it’s going uphill for now! But with the electric bike is a lot of fun!

Speaking of electric bikes – we have been working with Velo de Ville for several years. I have taken an electric bike out of the hall several times and left my car at work. My daily commute is about 36 kilometers but with these great bikes it is really good to do – even without sweating – because I still have to work after the arrival. The support is hardly palpable and it is really easy and comfortable to ride – even if there are headwinds.

I am very thankful for this great fulfilling job which has already given me many trips but also with the approach of the company and also the partner companies. This industry is really welcoming. We know each other well and are usually also personally known and we give each other a good time. This may not be common in every industry, but every person with a passion for cycling knows this uncomplicated, personal and warm togetherness.

So at this point a big thank you to my great colleagues and partners who make my everyday work a great pleasure. And also thank our customers very much for your interest in my person and I hope I could show some more of us and Rückenwind Reisen.