Our guides on site in the office in Oldenburg

This year we start our season with a meeting in Oldenburg!

Before the season start in 2023, we meet our guides on site in our office and discuss the innovations for the current cycling season. Since we have a new booking system this year, all guides have come together to take part in a training session and also to meet their colleagues in person again.

We are alos planning to introduce a new app. The Guibo App will be available on many of our cycling tours during the next season. So this season we are still working on our tours and will gradually add them to the app. In France, the new app will already be available this year.

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1) Welcome briefing

On our original tours (expect Rhône and lake Ijsselmeer) our guests get a personal welcome briefing. Our guides on site will welcome you and explain the exact itinerary of our cycling tours. You will also receive insider tips from our colleagues about the cycling tour ahead of you.


During our meeting in the office, the latest information was passed on and many new tips were exchanged. After all, each guide has learned many new things in the last few year and has thus been able to chare it with the other members.

2) Bike maintenance and care

After each of our trips, the rental bikes get a service and cleaning procedure. Therefore, everyone took the oportunity to ask our expert Herms all their questions about the bike maintenance again. Many have been working as tour guide for years - but everyone took advantage of this opportunity.

3) New app for the next seaon

Our cycling tours will be equipped with a new app in the future. This will be adopted for most destinations next year. This season we will start with the Provence, Burgundy and Canal du Midi region.

Our dear colleague Knut recorded a test track for this meeting. So everyone had the opportunity to test the product for themselves. It was a lot of fun and we are excited about the new app. Only we still have to wait a little until we are ready.

4) Roadbooks and maps

Our office cclleagues exchange information with our guides. What´s new in the roadbook, what map is included and so on. And our logisticians have maintained the bike during the low season and put them together for the respective stations on site. Thie start region start in the middle of march in France.