Special offer boat & bike

Travel by boat and bike are very popular and unfortunately we could not make every wish possible because of the big demand.  Nevertheless there are still some available dates in April and May, which we can offer for spontaneously decision maker.

Follow us on our website and find the special offer tours...


Boat and bike Danube cycle path
MS Normandie an MS Arlene II

Special price!

MS NORMANDIE, Passau-Vienna-Passau, departure: 01.07./15.07./26.08.

MS ARLENE II: Passau-Vienna-Passau, departure: 10.06./22.07./19.08.


Boat and bike Danube River

8 Days | Self-guided Tour

Boat and Bike Danube MS Normandie

8 Days | Self-guided Tour

Boat & Bike Moldava and Elbe

MS Florentina from/to Brandys nad Labem

MS FLORENTINA, from/to Brandys nad Labem

departure: 03.08.

Easy to Moderate
Germany / Czech Republic

Boat and Bike Moldava and Elbe

8 Days | Self-guided Tour

Boat and Bike | MS Olympia

Province Zeeland from to Rotterdam

MS OLYMPIA, in die Province Zeeland from/to Rotterdam

departure: 27.07.


Boat and Bike Rotterdam and Province Zeeland

8 Days | Self-guided Tour

Boat and Bike Rhine

MS Arkona Rotterdam - Cologne and Strassbourg - Mainz

MS ARKONA, Rotterdam-Cologne- departure: 15.06. / 10.08.

MS ARKONA, Strassbourg - Mainz - departure: 20.07.

Netherlands / Germany

Boat and Bike Rhine Rotterdam - Cologne

8 Days | Self-guided Tour

Boat and Bike Strassbourg-Mainz

8 Days | Self-guided Tour