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Travel by boat and bike are very popular and unfortunately we could not make every wish possible because of the big demand.  Nevertheless there are still some available dates in April and May, which we can offer for spontaneously decision maker.

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Boat and bike Danube cycle path
MS Normandie an MS Arlene II

Special price!

MS NORMANDIE, Passau-Vienna-Passau, departure: 01.07./15.07./26.08.

MS ARLENE II: Passau-Vienna-Passau, departure: 10.06./22.07./19.08.


Boat and bike Danube River

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
Passau - Vienna - Passau This bike tour along the German / Austrian Danube is extremely enjoyable and is something very special because your “floating hotel” is always with you! You will cycle gently downhill along lush green river banks and through small, dreamy villages in the impressive Danube landscapes. You will discover the breathtaking natural wonder of the “Great Loop” (a swift 180º turn!) and immerse yourself in legendary Wachau with its vineyard terraces and enchanted castles and monasteries. Then Vienna – an abundance of sights! A city, hardly to describe – you have to see and feel it! Sights like St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the city hall are easy to reach during a wonderful sightseeing tour by bike. A stroll through the Naschmarkt (famous food market) is a wonderful cultural and culinary adventure. You can also relax at any of the cosy coffee houses or at a typical traditional Viennese wine tavern in the suburbs.

Boat and Bike Danube MS Normandie

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
Passau - Vienna - Passau Along the Danube by bike and barge – this is an especially experience since your “swimming” hotel is always with you! You cycle slightly downhill through an impressing landscape. Discover legendary Wachau region and soak into intact forests of the National Park. Enjoy Vienna – a firework of places of interests! A city which is hard to describe, you have to feel it! During a city tour by bike you visit Stephansdom, the town hall or the ferris wheel. A stroll through Naschmarkt is a cultural and culinary experience. Relax in the comfortable coffee houses and typical wine taverns in the suburbia. Highlights of this tour are the Danube loop, the UNESCO world cultural heritage Wachau, national park Danube floodplains and the cosmopolitan city Vienna with its numerous places of interest.

Boat & Bike Moldava and Elbe

MS Florentina from/to Brandys nad Labem

MS FLORENTINA, from/to Brandys nad Labem

departure: 03.08.

Easy to Moderate
Germany / Czech Republic

Boat and Bike Moldava and Elbe

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
"The Golden City" The Czech Republic, the small country in the heart of Europe, impresses with its original river landscapes, picturesque villages and romantic castles, whose history and architecture can often be traced back to the Middle Ages. Prague, known also as „the Golden City“ and „the City of a  Hundred Spires“, is both point of departure and final destination for this beautiful bike and barge tour along the Upper Moldova, in Czech called Vltava, and the huge Elbe River – when the bridges of the Vltava River are ablaze with sunlight and the spires of the castle sparkle in the light, then it becomes obvious that Prague has its nickname ”Golden City” with good reason! Multifaceted and unique, modern and at the same time aware of tradition – discover one of Europe’s most beautiful metropolis with its Old Town listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The MS FLORENTINA moors approx. 1 km away from the Charles Bridge and is therefore an ideal springboard for exploring this gorgeous city – the marvellously restored Market Place, the busy Wencelslas Square or the Jewish quarter are waiting for you. And you will not be missing out on good food – beer and roast pork with dumplings, just to name one of the many specialities – when you are on the move with your bike do not miss to have a break and quech your thirst with a original Czech amber nectar.Prague, known also as „the Golden City“ and „the City of a Hundred Spires“, you will visit twice during your holiday week.

Boat and Bike | MS Olympia

Province Zeeland from to Rotterdam

MS OLYMPIA, in die Province Zeeland from/to Rotterdam

departure: 27.07.


Boat and Bike Rotterdam and Province Zeeland

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
The province of Zeeland, also referred to as the „Land in the Sea“is located in the west of the Netherlands and mostly consists of islands and peninsulas. The Eastern and Western Scheldt estuaries reach far inland, thus making Zeeland a paradise for flora and fauna. Cycle with us from the energetic city of Rotterdam – the city stands for easy and relaxed togetherness like no other city in the Netherlands – to the province of Zeeland. Discover the historic towns of Zierikzee and Middelburg and the Delta Works, Holland’s most impressive storm surge barriers. Sample delicious mussels, oysters and Eastern Scheldt Lobster. You should not miss out on a stop in one of the numerous fish restaurants!

Boat and Bike Rhine

MS Arkona Rotterdam - Cologne and Strassbourg - Mainz

MS ARKONA, Rotterdam-Cologne- departure: 15.06. / 10.08.

MS ARKONA, Strassbourg - Mainz - departure: 20.07.

Netherlands / Germany

Boat and Bike Rhine Rotterdam - Cologne

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
Along the Lower Rhine from Rotterdam to Cologne What could be more natural than discovering the beauty of the Lower Rhine by bike? The Lower Rhine Region has one of the most beautiful and largest cycle route networks in Europe. Along high-quality routes, explore the marvellous landscape: this well-develloped route leads past river landscape, meadows and fields and offers especcially for lovers of nature  a relaxed possibility to explore the region. Labyrinths of rivers on the Rhine delta in the Netherlands, quaint little towns and vibrant major cities along the route offer a welcome change and  guarantee a relaxed and eventful stay.

Boat and Bike Strassbourg-Mainz

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
Dome cities and castle romance at Rhine and Neckar The Rhine Cycle Route provides fine views over the Rhine, which has often been immortalised in story and song, as well as over untouched riverside forests with rich varied fauna and flora. The cycleway also leads through picturesque towns, villages and winegrowing areas. The region boasts a wealth of popular touristic destinations and cultural sites as well as of culinary specialities. You cannot miss a short detour to the Neckar River and to Heidelberg, a marvellous city steeped in history. Words are useless to describe the beautiful landscape, the unique cultural sites and the regional delicacies: you simply have to experience them yourself!