World Bike Day - European Day of the Bicycle

New ways of conscious travel...

World Bicycle Day is celebrated today on 03 June. It was adopted on April 12, 2018 as an official UN day of awareness about the social benefits of bicycle use.

However, this day of honor has been held annually since 1998. These days are meant to draw attention to the increasing burden of automobile traffic and to put bicycles more in the spotlight of daily use.

Fortunately, bicycles are now a big part of many people's lives and not only a means of transportation, but also a wonderful way to travel. More and more people are discovering the field of active vacations for themselves. 

The desire to experience intense travel and be active is now very important to many people. Individual vacationers are looking for a vacation with beautiful experiences and as close as possible to the country and its people. A week only in the sun lie, find many boring and wish themselves more adventure. In the well-deserved vacation may and should also be a beach day, relaxation and enjoyment, but also like activities.

New ways - more conscious travel

The number of bicycles sold has risen steadily overall in Germany in recent years. According to statista, the number of "Bicycles in Germany" in 2020 was 79.1 million. In 2004, there were still around 12 million fewer.

The only thing is that the bicycle has not developed solely as a means of transport, but has become a way of life. For example, many people want to be in harmony with nature even on vacation, get plenty of exercise in the fresh air and enjoy a good time among like-minded people.

Furthermore, cycling strengthens health and can provide inspiration in everyday life.


Gentle tourism - more sustainable travel

What does it mean to travel "more sustainably" and what positive effects does it promote? It is not only about protecting and actively preserving the nature you travel to, but also about supporting the social and economic conditions in the destination. Respecting the originality, local customs and culture are also part of it.

We plan our trips by bike sensitively and with respect for people and nature. In particular, it is also about "Fascinating encounters of land and people". Because with the bicycle you explore the respective region on "eye level". 

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