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The most famous cycle paths are probably the Danube Cycle Path, the Elbe Cycle Path and the Weser Cycle Path. According to the ADFC’s analysis, the Elbe Cycle Path has been the most popular cycle path in Germany for many years and in Europe it is the Danube Cycle Path. For the first time in 2019, the Weser Cycle Trail has sold the Elbe Cycle Trail in first place. The Elbe cycle path is and remains one of the most popular and beautiful cycle paths – of course next to the Weser and Danube. . .

In addition to these classic bike paths, we also offer many other great bike tours.

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Danube Cycle Route

Elbe Cycle Route

Weser Cycle Path

Main Cycle Path

Ems cycle path

Baltic Sea Coastal Cycle Route


The Danube Cycle Path

On the Danube Cycle Path from Donaueschingen to Budapest

The Danube Cycle Path is one of the most beautiful and popular cycling routes in Europe. Imposing sights, lots of culture and an enchanting river landscape alternate constantly. The bike path takes you through southern Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary and many more. . .

Further information on the Danube Cycle Path can be found here. . .


Weser cycle path

The Weser Cycle Path runs down the river through the federal states of Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Bremen. On this cycle path you can admire very different landscapes. In the first section you can expect a lot of half-timbered woodwork and a beautiful undulating landscape – but the path along the Weser is always quite flat. At the end you reach the North Sea – where the landscape expands and the air sometimes smells of salt and sea. This bike path promises variety Pure!

Further information on the Weser cycle path can be found here. . .

Elbe cycle path

The Elbe cycle path starts in the Giant Mountains in the north of the Czech Republic and ends after 1280 kilometres in Cuxhaven at the mouth of the Elbe in the North Sea. It is easy to cycle and we offer you many different variants on the Elbe cycle path. Whether you start in Prague and cycle to Dresden or start your journey in Dresden and head towards the North Sea – we have many tour variants in the program. We would be happy to advise you.

More information about the Elbe cycle path can be found here.

Insider tip Ems cycle path

By bike in beautiful scenery along the Ems and the Dortmund-Ems Canal
There is little car traffic, nice hotels, nice small towns and a well-mainized cycle path.

One of our clients wrote: “ An experience of nature and friendly people. ” What more can we say? The cycle path is well signposted and takes you down from busy roads. Münster is well known as a student and bicycle city, but also the other towns along the Ems do not need to hide. In Rheine you can visit the impressive building “Kloster Bentlage” and in Lingen a beautiful market square with historical town hall awaits you. And Papenburg is also beautiful and well known for the Meyer shipyard located there. In Emden you can expect a seaside town centre and who likes very good fish restaurants.

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Another classic

The Rhine Cycle Path

The Rhine Cycle Path winds its way through four countries, from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea beach. You cycle on the Rhine Cycle Path from Switzerland via Austria and Germany to the Netherlands. It offers an incredible diversity of nature and culture.

In the alpine resort of Andermatt in Switzerland, the Rhine Cycle Path begins. From there, we pass the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen to Lake Constance. Through the beautiful nature of the Rhine Valley we continue northwards. Fairy-tale, romantic castles and the beautiful Middle Rhine Valley are waiting for you. Passing Cologne Cathedral, we head towards the Netherlands, where the landscape looks completely different. It goes by bike through a wide landscape with polders and windmills to the mouth of the Rhine.

Rhine cycle path


Bike Tour Rhine

This is of course a fast declared trip along the Rhine – the bike path offers much more and should be enjoyed with time. Especially by bike, you have enough time to explore the stages on the Rhine Bike Path from the source near Andermatt to the Rhine-Meuse Delta of Hoek van Holland.

The Rhine Cycle Path is relatively easy to ride, only in Switzerland there are some mountains and hills, on the rest of the route the bike path is mostly. The infrastructure is excellent and numerous restaurants, beer gardens and cafés provide a culinary well-being and round off the varied cycle trip on the Rhine Cycle Path.


Rhine cycle path | Mainz - Koblenz

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The Lake Constance Cycle Path

On this bike path you have the opportunity to get to know several countries and still comfortably come back to your starting point. The climate at Lake Constance is stable, so it offers very good weather conditions for cyclists. The approximately 260 kilometres will take you through three charming countries and numerous beautiful holiday resorts. And what’s more, the Lake Constance cycle path is not very difficult to ride, as a large part of the route is flat and many sections run directly by the lake.