Boat and bike Italy

Cycle and boat trips in Italy: so delightful. So beautiful

It's not that easy to decide: Travelling by bike and boat in Italy is as easy in the Po Valley as on the Amalfi Coast or in Sicily. The Po Valley in northern Italy is a rich region. You can reach cities like Mantua and Venice by bike and boat. They have great historical significance, show great architecture and valuable art treasures. One can travel further south to the Amalfi Coast, which for many is one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe. You will get to know picturesque places and islands like Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri and Ischia.
Sicily in the very south of Italy is another delightful alternative. On a journey by bike and boat you will get to know five of the seven spectacular Aeolian Islands, a world shaped by volcanoes. The islands are still considered an insider tip today. They're beautiful, but they're not crowded. Look forward to impressive natural spectacles, white beaches and pretty Mediterranean towns, Sicilian wines and dishes such as the Granita.
A cycling and boat holiday in Italy is a celebration of joie de vivre. Immerse yourself in the "Dolce Vita"; of a country with a rich tradition. Welcome to Bella Italia.


Wild-romantic and beautiful: the Po Valley in Italy

The Po Valley in northern Italy is one of the most fertile and populous regions in Italy. In the history of Europe, great cities with outstanding architecture were built here. Venice and Mantua are two of them. Get to know them on a bike and boat trip through northern Italy.

The fascination of Venice

Venice is world famous for its many canals, for gondolas and bridges such as the Rialto Bridge and the Sighs Bridge, as well as for the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Square. Since 1987, the lagoon city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And it is by no means only the fascinating sights that make up its charm.

Away from them, a quieter but no less attractive Venice presents itself, which is sometimes almost to itself. Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque: All of them have left their mark here and have partly developed their own forms of expression.

Mantua – UNESCO World Heritage in Lombardy

Many travellers visiting Mantua for the first time feel like they are on an island in some places. But the city is not completely surrounded by water. On three sides it is framed by the lakes Lago Inferiore, Lago di Mezzo, Lago Paiolo and Lago Superiore. The lakes fed by the Mincio River give the impression of being an island. Mantua is less well known than Venice or Naples, but – like Venice and Naples' Old Town – it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and no less beautiful.

Many interesting churches and palaces adorn the city centre of Mantua. These include the large Palazzo Ducale with its 450 rooms, Palazzo Te, the five-aisled Romanesque Cathedral and the Basilica of Sant’Andrea. Mantua is considered an art metropolis and was the Italian Capital of Culture in 2016.

Nice are also the smaller places

The journey by bike and boat from Venice to Mantua in Italy is also an experience between the two outstanding cities. For example, the ship sails to the island of Pellestrina, a relatively quiet island with picturesque fishermen’s houses in the Venetian lagoon. One route leads to the town of Chioggia, which, like Venice, was built on stilts and is called Little Venice, and another to Ferrara with the Gothic Cathedral of San Giorgio.