Boat and bike Italy

Cycle and boat trips in Italy: so delightful. So beautiful

It's not that easy to decide: Travelling by bike and boat in Italy is as easy in the Po Valley as on the Amalfi Coast or in Sicily. The Po Valley in northern Italy is a rich region. You can reach cities like Mantua and Venice by bike and boat. They have great historical significance, show great architecture and valuable art treasures. One can travel further south to the Amalfi Coast, which for many is one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe. You will get to know picturesque places and islands like Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri and Ischia.
Sicily in the very south of Italy is another delightful alternative. On a journey by bike and boat you will get to know five of the seven spectacular Aeolian Islands, a world shaped by volcanoes. The islands are still considered an insider tip today. They're beautiful, but they're not crowded. Look forward to impressive natural spectacles, white beaches and pretty Mediterranean towns, Sicilian wines and dishes such as the Granita.
A cycling and boat holiday in Italy is a celebration of joie de vivre. Immerse yourself in the "Dolce Vita"; of a country with a rich tradition. Welcome to Bella Italia.