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Bike tours based in one hotel in Germany

You will stay in a hotel in Germany

Are you interested in a star flight? Here you will find all our offers for business cycle trips in Germany.

Centre based tour in Dresden

One of the most popular cycling routes is the Elbe Cycle Path. On this star trip along the Elbe you will spend the night in Dresden. We offer different hotel categories, so there is a suitable variant for every taste.

You will have plenty of opportunity to explore the magnificent buildings in Dresden. Visit the Semperoper, the Zwinger and the Frauenkirche in Dresden.

A stage on this bike tour takes you upriver to Pirna. The old town is worth a visit. In the Middle Ages it was the richest town on the Elbe Cycle Path. Take advantage of your time in Pirna to visit the Sunstone – from this fortress you have a great view over the valley and the Elbe.

In addition to Pirna, you will also find the town of Meissen, known for its porcelain, and the town of Radebeul



Normally we offer several inclusive services on our trips which are based in on hotel. During your bike trip in Dresden you will have the following services in addition to our full service:

  • A dinner with Saxon specialities
  • City tour in Dresden and Pirna
  • Wine tasting
  • Ride with the Lößnitz Railway from Radebeul to Moritzburg
  • Train journey to the Lessing city Kamenz
  • Boat trip from Meissen to Dresden

Dresden - based in one hotel

7 Days | Self-guided tour
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Potsdam - centre based tour

We also have a star flight from Potsdam. If you prefer Potsdam as a starting point in the region around Brandenburg and with the possibility of excursions to the capital, this trip is certainly something for you!


Around Potsdam - based in one hotel

6 Days | Self-guided tour
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Stay in one hotel and explore the region Lüneburger Heath

Go to the heath. . .
beautiful and worth seeing at any time of the year
Contrary to popular belief, the Lüneburger Heide does not consist of a single heathland, but there are different areas of different sizes spread over the whole region. Thus, this region offers not only much to see during the flowering season but also at any other time of the year. And Schneverdingen is the perfect starting point for your bike tours.

The state-approved climatic health resort Schneverdingen is located in the triangle of Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover and in the middle of the Nature Park Lüneburger Heath.

Look forward to beautiful heathlands, deep forests and mystical bogs.

What would the Lüneburger Heath be without herds of flocks? The grazing with heathschnucken is probably the best known method to cultivate the heath. The snouts bite young trees and prevent birch and pine forests from spreading on the heathlands.

Take a look and visit the Lüneburger Heath. No luggage packing and the beautiful Hotel Schnuck as the starting point of your trip.

Bike Tour Lüneburger Heide

Luneburg trip - based in one hotel

6 Days | Self-guided tour
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Cycle from one hotel through the region East Friesland

Cycling from the village Norden. . .
Just enjoy the peace and quiet
The fresh wind brings the salty, healthy air from the sea and with a steady tail wind the bikes roll almost by themselves. And then you pass green meadows and dikes, straight canals, small and large seas, wind-twisted trees, parks and gardens, mills and castles.

The Hotel Reichshof in Norden invites you to relax and unwind. And as far as the horizon reaches, your view can wander over green meadows, the Wadden Sea and the North Sea.

Cycle parallel to the dikes, beautiful lighthouses and windmills. Whether the lighthouse in Pilsum, the mills in Greetsiel or the Nationakpark Wattenmeer here impresses not only the wide view and the silence but also interesting routes to beautiful places.


East Frisian - Based in one hotel

6 Days | Self-guided tour
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3-Rivers tour - based in one hotel

Weser, Werra and Fulda are your companions on this journey. . .
Experience three beautiful rivers and a region that couldn’t be more beautiful. This bike trip is so varied and fairy-tary. Hann. Münden has a lot to offer and impresses with a beautiful city center with plenty of timberwork.

And Werra and Fulda will also accompany you with well-developed cycle paths and lovely countryside. The Weserbergland is so varied and yet has hardly any inclines to overcome. And always a river is your companion – whether Weser, Werra or Fulda these tours are really beautiful.


3-river cycle paths | based in one hotel

5 Days | Self-guided tour
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Out bike tours based in one hotel in South-Germany

Lake Constanze 6 days

Lake Starnberg 7 days

Lake Chiemsee 8 days

Pfalz 7 days

Main 6 days

Bike Tour Mosel

Out bike tours based in one hotel in West-Germany

Moselle Penta Trier 7 days

Moselle Park Plaza 7 days

3-rivers tour 5 days

Bike Tour Eastern Frisia

Out bike tours based in one hotel in North-Germany

East Friesland centre based tour 6 days

Lüneburg Heath centre based tour 6 days

Out bike tours based in one hotel in East-Germany

Dresden based in one hotel 7 days