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I am Celina Alfeis and I was allowed to follow the footsteps of Hermann Löns together with my dear mama!

Our expectations of the Lüneburger Heide in the low season were not too high, but nevertheless they were completely surpassed. In my report, I would like to summarise all my different impressions as briefly as possible.

The 8-day bike trip had, according to my mom and me, breathtaking heights and rainy lows! 😊

Just before our bike trip started, we looked at some highlights and sights in the travel documents one evening on the sofa. The Lüneburger Heide is not far from our home town (near Oldenburg) and so we just wanted to be surprised.

Arrival in Lüneburg



As soon as we arrived, we were warmly welcomed in Lüneburg (3-star hotel “Seminaris”) by the helpful staff.

We got a room with a very nice location towards the forest. Around 4:00 p. m. we met my colleague Carsten Rehbein in the lobby for the information meeting and the handover of the bike. With us another couple started the bike trip in the Lüneburg Heath.



University Lüneburg



Through the information talk, we were able to collect all the insider tips and look forward to even more events!

In the evening, we grabbed our rental bikes and rode through the old town of Lüneburg for a while.

From Lüneburg to Uelzen



On the way to Uelzen, my colleague Carsten and his 17-year-old son accompanied us. Probably because he knew that women and cycling? - That doesn't go together!

However, my mother and I did very well, even though our bottoms were already feeling the pain. The pain disappeared as Carsten showed us around like a guidebook. Through forests and deserted places, along typical heath landscapes and buildings that were just to be admired.


In Uelzen we couldn’t get out of the amazement. We locked our bicycles and admired the Hundertwasser train station for an hour. “We’ve never seen anything like that”, I told my mom and took many pictures for a long memory.

Also in Uelzen we had a lovely reception in the 4-star hotel “Deutsche Eiche. ” Our expectations have been exceeded by 100% since the 2nd day.

From Uelzen to Celle


"Next day, next experiences" - was already our agreed motto for the next 6 days! We were totally excited about what awaited us today and remained full of spontaneity. After a hearty breakfast, we were off.

Batteries charged? Suitcases handed in at the reception? Packed snacks for the road?

Today we travelled via small towns to Celle. To learn about the history of the castle, a visit to the Residenzmuseum with or without a guided tour is a must.


When we arrived in Celle at the 4-star hotel "Caroline Mathilde", the care of the staff made us feel at home. The bikes were taken directly from us by the receptionist and stored in a locked shed. After we were given this beautiful room with a French balcony, we were also taken by the expansive view. From one of the windows we heard laughter from guests lingering below us on the large terrace and from another window a waterfall that made us very curious.

Our evening walk took us into Celle's old town with cute little boutiques and restaurants that gave off a delicious aroma. We decided that we would not leave Celle so soon.

From Celle to Hermannsburg


Early in the morning we packed up our things and visited the city centre of Celle in more detail. After a successful shopping spree and a carriage ride, we walked through the old town to the historic weir complex with water mill.

Today we went to Hermannsburg. Small wooden bridges and large forests surprised us. On every cycle tour you can get lost - and now we did too. This forest seemed endless and without a way out... until a walker with her dog crossed our path. Thanks to her help, we found the way out and no longer had to worry about encountering a wild boar.

When we arrived in Hermannsburg, we had to take a break at the "Antalya" snack bar. By the way, it is highly recommended! When we checked into the 3-star hotel "Best-Western-Heidehof", I had to take a little break in the indoor pool. The time on the bike totally convinced me to cycle more and take a pampering break afterwards. After I got to the room, I was surprised by a purple sky on a 6-metre balcony. There, my mum and I ended the evening with a beautiful sunset.

Sunset with a view of the church in Hermannsburg.
From Hermannsburg to Soltau


Off to Soltau! Here we already knew the Heide amusement park in Soltau in advance, which we will of course not visit this time due to the time. The cycle path is super signposted with the Rückenwind E-arrows, so we mostly cycled with the GPS data from Rückenwind Reisen.

When we reached a 2-kilometre stretch on sandy paths, we quickly realised that we had reached the nature park in Südheide. This stretch of road over sandy soil with e-bikes was a challenge and here humour is required. Because the Südheide is very beautiful but unfortunately can only be reached by gravel paths or sandy tracks.


Soltau is a small town in the middle of the Lüneburg Heath. In the cute inn “Zum Postillion” we had dinner and got to know the great staff. The rooms are classically furnished. The main thing we had enough space to prepare for the next day with the map of the surroundings.

I work on the trips through the Lüneburger Heide and am very happy to help you with the planning of your bike trip.
Annika Krüger
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Also during breakfast we met again a few friendly guests. We reported about our round trip in the Lüneburger Heide, the young people about visiting the leisure park in Soltau and an older couple about an upcoming day at the Soltau-Therme.

With grinning faces, we took the Soltau shuttle to the designer outlet, which is a bit outside. There are many outlet shops here, where we have of course snapped.

Me at the clothes and my mom tasty candy. The shuttle runs every 20 minutes, so we cycled 35 km towards Schneverdingen at noon.

Shortly before the finish it started with light rain, then it got so bad that we took shelter in the country house “Höpen. ” After warming up, we shared a large piece of cake and a pot of tea.

The friendliness of the staff is outstanding.

Here we bought our first souvenir – A sweet Heidschnucke made of wood.

When we arrived at the 4-star country hotel “Schnuck”, we took a fresh breath. Just turn on the bed and the TV. When we turned to the side, we saw that our “terrace” was a huge garden. Curiosity gripped me so that the receptionist gave me a tour of the house. The hotel has a homely atmosphere and is highly recommended.

The evening passed so fast that it was impossible to process the many impressions at once. Good restful sleep was needed.


Oh, man. . . we saw the rain dripping down on the window during breakfast. So I got some more information and my mom read brochures about the carriage rides in the Lüneburg Heath. After a while we decided to cycle. The bike tour went through the typical heath landscape of the Nordheide National Park.

On the Wilseder Berg we took a small picnic break and enjoyed the view of the heath and pine forests. When we arrived in Lüneburg, we made a detour to the beautiful St. Johanniskirche after check-in.

After that, the weather finally loosened up. Thus we were able to visit the Hanseatic city of Lüneburg a bit.

Our conclusion

The cycling tour through the Lüneburg Heath was a wonderful, nature-oriented trip, which for us personally gave a good impression of the most diverse landscapes of the nature reserve. Many spontaneous impressions and sights could be wonderfully incorporated during the respective stages. The cycle route is well signposted with its own Rückenwind signposting and is not very busy, especially in the low season. The cycling tour is also very suitable for beginners.

We would like to thank you very much for the great cycling tour and are already looking forward to the next cycling tour with Rückenwind Reisen! 😊

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